Concord Receives Free Music CDs

For Immediate Release: 
Jun 16 2004

Concord Receives Free Music CDs

Athens, W.Va. – On Tuesday, June 15, Concord College received 113 music CDs as part of an antitrust litigation recently resolved by Darrel V. McGraw, Jr., attorney general for the state of West Virginia.

The attorney general advised that the College must use the disks to, “. . .further music-related programs. . . .”

Stephen D. Rowe, director for the J. Frank Marsh Library, in a letter to the attorney general stated that the disks would be put to that purpose. “The Marsh Library has an extensive music CD collection which is actively used in support of the music appreciation courses in Concord’s general education requirement. Many Concord students will listen to, study, and enjoy these compact disks,” stated Dr. Rowe.