African American Performance at Concord, Wednesday,September 1

For Immediate Release: 
Aug 19 2004

African American Performance at Concord, Wednesday, September 1

Athens, W.Va. - George Bundy, of the Afro-Appalachian Performance Company, will be on the College Center SUBWAY stage in a portrayal of abolitionist, Army officer and social reformer Martin Delany. The performance will be Wednesday, September 1, at 9 p.m. This is the second performance by Mr. Bundy at Concord. During the spring 2004 semester, he portrayed Booker T. Washington.

Martin Delany was born in Charlestown, W.Va., but fled to Chambersburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1822. He was an advocate of emigration for American blacks but with the outbreak of the Civil War, he lobbied President Lincoln to allow blacks to fight in the Union Army. Lincoln commissioned him and he became the first black combat major in the Union Army. He later worked for the Freemen's Bureau and returned to his emigrationist activities. Delany died in Xenia, Ohio, in 1885.

Mr. Bundy's performance is free to the public.

For more information, call the College Center Office at 1-304-384-5311.


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