Retired Concord Professor of Art Sets Up Scholarship Fund

For Immediate Release: 
Sep 12 2004

Retired Concord Professor of Art Sets Up Scholarship Fund

Athens, W.Va. – At the end of the spring semester 2004, Dr. Sheila Chipley, professor of art and art education and a regionally known West Virginia artist, retired from Concord University after 27 years of dedicated service.

Now, Chipley has set up a scholarship fund to help out the students and families of students of Concord University, citing that they were the reason she stayed at Concord.

“The students we have at Concord are exceptional, we have a lot of first generation college students, and you’re not just educating a student—you’re educating a family. I don’t know another institution where grandparents and parents are so involved. I think that’s what kept me at Concord,” said Dr. Chipley.

The scholarship is called the Chipley Art Education Fund, and is designed to provide scholarships to students majoring in the art field, including art education. The scholarship will be based on student merit in art classes and will be offered to sophomore through senior students enrolled at Concord.

The scholarship fund has already been established, but the scholarship will not be available to students until the fund accrues $10,000, which Chipley predicted to be in three to four years.

Dr. Chipley has been dedicated to helping students deal with college expenses for some time. She got the idea for the scholarship from the sale of her booklet, “Dandelion Salad” which was published for art education students to use in lieu of the traditionally expensive textbooks. Currently, the sale of that book has contributed about $1,500 to the scholarship fund.

“I did it to help students going to school by using a booklet that was more reasonable in price, and then helping students in the future by having it going into the scholarship.”

Chipley taught a wide range of classes in her 27 years of service at Concord, including all art education classes, drawing, design, crafts, weaving and American art history.

She has achieved many honors during her service at Concord, including having her artwork placed in many exhibits throughout the area. Recently, her artwork was featured in the 2003 Appalachian Corridors Juried Exhibit in Charleston, W.Va., which included artwork from fine artists throughout 13 states. Dr. Chipley continually enriched her art study by attending many selective conferences and seminars throughout the nation.

Dr. Chipley was an art education major at the University of Alabama and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in 1966. Three years later, she earned her Master of Arts from the University of Georgia, and went on to earn her doctorate in education (Ed.D.) from Pennsylvania State University in 1978.

Dr. Chipley currently resides in Athens, W.Va., and remains proud of her town’s university.

Donations may be made to the Chipley Art Education Fund, in care of the Concord University Foundation, PO Box 1405, Athens, W. Va. 24712-1405. You may contact the Foundation at 1-304-384-5317, or


Jesse Call, a student in Concord University’s political science department wrote this press release. His hometown is Pocahontas, Va.