Concord University Alumni Banquet Brings Feelings of Warmth … and Moments of Humor

For Immediate Release: 
Oct 15 2004

Concord University Alumni Banquet Brings Feelings of Warmth … and Moments of Humor

Athens, W. Va. – Dr. Beryle Santon ‘50 welcomed guests with remarks about the beautiful fall foliage and warmth of the season, and introduced the “Pine Trees” chapter of the Alumni Association. The Pine Trees chapter serves Concord University alumni and friends in southern West Virginia and southwestern Virginia.

Dr. Charles “A.B.” Lilly ’95 provided the invocation for dinner, which was prepared by ARAMARK. Next, Concord University President, Dr. Jerry Beasley, explained the process that resulted in Concord acquiring university status. “Unlike the other three institutions which were eager to change their names, we were not,” he noted. “I am convinced, however, that in the long run it will benefit Concord.”

Regarding funding and faculty credentials, he noted that, “We have no choice but to be efficient. Dr. Turner [vice president and academic dean] insisted that we bring to Concord, or ‘grow’ our faculty to be a first-rate faculty. As a result, 84 percent of our faculty now has terminal degrees.”

“Concord is like a chambered nautilus,” he observed, when discussing the historical significance of the name changes throughout the history of the institution. “If you look closely, there is a small chamber that connects one to another. . . I think this is an institution that has been able to connect with the best from the past. Each of those [names] adds to that beautiful history which we can all claim.”

Mr. Bil Lepp was the featured speaker. He has won awards at story-telling festivals with his original “tall-tales” and he serves as emcee for the West Virginia Liars Contest. “If you lie well enough and long enough,” he chuckled, “then the government will hire you!”