Concord’s Capital Campaign Information Now on the Web: Campaign Chairs Rally for Support

For Immediate Release: 
Nov 18 2004

Concord’s Capital Campaign Information Now on the Web: Campaign Chairs Rally for Support

Athens, W.Va. – “Concord University announced their capital campaign this past August at Tamarack,” stated David A. Barnette, chair for “Concord at the Crossroads” Capital Campaign.

The Campaign committee, headed by Mr. Barnette, has identified needs that are critical to the continued success of Concord, including scholarships for students--both undergraduate and graduate--faculty and staff development, upgrading facilities, library resources, and continued development of master’s-level programs. Specifically, the Campaign seeks: $500,000 for the University’s new “Entrepreneurial Studies Program” which has a goal of contributing to the economic development of southern West Virginia, $2.5 million for establishing “University Pointe,” which will house an alumni center, Interfaith Chapel and development center, and $1.5 million for athletic programs at Concord, because athletics benefit student learning in many ways.

Information about the Capital Campaign is now available on-line.

“We are so close to meeting our goal of $25 million and we must persevere to achieve success,” stated Mr. Barnette. “Students in southern West Virginia and southwestern Virginia look to Concord to meet not only their undergraduate needs, but also now their graduate needs. This region is one of the poorest in the nation and Concord depends upon the good will and strong support of our alumni and supporters to rally to the cause and share their good fortune with those less fortunate.

“Just log on to, and click on ‘Donors & Supporters,’ then ‘Crossroads Campaign,’” directed Mr. Barnette.

“Increasing the college-going rate in West Virginia is a goal of the legislature,” continued Mr. Barnette. “We’ve all read statistics that point to the fact that a college education increases your earning potential. I want to invite all alumni and supporters of Concord to step up to the plate and support an institution that created many success stories both in West Virginia and the nation. I think we all want to see that tradition continue.”

The University’s foundation has raised $19 million to date.

Barnette is a graduate of Concord and serves the University as vice chair of the Concord University Foundation.

Noted businessperson and philanthropist James H. “Buck” Harless of Gilbert is honorary chair for the Campaign.

Mr. Harless commented about the importance of supporting higher education in southern West Virginia by stating that, “Concord’s teacher education majors are found in 16 states and as far away as Japan and Uganda, and of course, in Gilbert! I played football and basketball and boxed under the tutelage of Frank Hatfield, a Concord graduate. He taught us to try hard to win, but in a clean and honorable way. I knew Frank 75 years, and he is typical of the caliber of young men and women Concord has graduated. Concord University deserves support because of the quality programs they are implementing, like the “Entrepreneurial Studies Program,” which is designed to contribute to the economic development of southern West Virginia.”

For more information, contact Associate Vice President for Development, Loretta Young, 1-304-384-5257 or