Article by Concord Prof Published in American Journal of Political Science

For Immediate Release: 
Oct 30 2005

Article by Concord Prof Published in American Journal of Political Science

Athens, W.Va. – The October 2005 edition of the “American Journal of Political Science” published research by Concord University Assistant Professor of Political Science, Dr. Sally Howard Campbell.

The article is entitled “Rousseau’s Politic Argument in the Discourse on the Sciences and Arts.” Campbell co-authored the article with John T. Scott, a political science professor from the University of California, Davis.

Rousseau was an 18th century political philosopher and is best known for his work, “The Social Contract,” in which he envisions men creating a small and purely democratic civil society. “Though a great deal has been written about Rousseau, most of it has focused on his later writings on the state of nature and his theory of democratic government. His “Discourse on the Sciences and Arts” deals with what he believed the impact of the sciences and arts to be on society and on the way that humans interact. John and I felt that we could make a valuable contribution to the body of literature on Rousseau by taking a closer look at this often overlooked work,” Campbell said.

Work on this article began as an independent study project for Campbell while she was attending graduate school at the University of Houston. After completing her dissertation, Campbell and Scott worked on the article off and on for about three years.

Campbell previously co-authored an article with T. Clifton Morgan on international relations titled “Domestic Structure, Decisional Constraints and War” that was published in “The Journal of Conflict Resolution.” She is currently working on an article on Rousseau’s theory of alienation, which she hopes to submit next summer.

“We hope that this article demonstrates the importance of this particular essay in Rousseau’s larger body of work and that it contributes to the debate on the role of this piece in Rousseau’s thought,” said Campbell.

Campbell lived in Houston, Texas, for 18 years before moving to Athens in August 2003. She received her B.S. in political science from the University of Houston in 1988, her M.A. in political science from Rice University in 1990, and her Ph.D. from the University of Houston in 2001.


CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Stephanie Harmon, a senior majoring in communication arts wrote this news release. Her hometown is Princeton, W.Va.