Manzo a Finalist for Professor of The Year in West Virginia

For Immediate Release: 
Feb 26 2006

Manzo a Finalist for Professor of The Year in West Virginia

Athens, W.Va. - Dr. Joseph Manzo, professor of geography, has been selected as one of three finalists for West Virginia Professor of the Year.

“It’s an honor to be nominated, given that there are such good faculty members at Concord and throughout the state,” Manzo said about the award. “Students and a supportive administration are the reason [that] I’ve gotten this far in the process.”

For Manzo, Concord University has a “fun, challenging student population that keeps you on your toes. And, sometimes my toes hurt!”

The award is given to a professor that is first nominated by his or her institution and then must fill out an application, which according to Dr. Manzo, “takes a while to complete, maybe ten hours.” The nominee must then submit letters of recommendation.

Once selected, a professor becomes one of twenty-two applicants statewide. From this point, the nominations are narrowed down until a winner is selected. As of February 8, there were only three professors left in the running, among them Dr. Manzo. Fourth and fifth places receive $500, third and second receive $1,000. The Professor of the Year receives $10,000.

The award, which is given by the Faculty Merit Foundation, will be announced on March 7 at a reception at the Governor’s Mansion in Charleston.


PHOTO: Dr. Joseph Manzo was nominated for Professor of the Year in West Virginia.

CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: The Faculty Merit Foundation of West Virginia has established the following objectives: to recognize and reward outstanding professional leadership, innovation and creativity in teaching among the faculties of all West Virginia public and private colleges and universities; to bring outstanding faculty achievements to the attention of the citizens of the State; to increase public awareness of the appreciation for the contributions of faculty members through the institutions of higher education they serve; to gain support from the general public for the higher education enterprise.

Jesse Call, a student majoring in political science and history, wrote this news release. His hometown is Pocahontas, Va. Call is also the editor of the student newspaper, “The Concordian.”