WSAZ Donates Television Set to CU

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Mar 29 2006

WSAZ Donates Television Set to CU

Athens, W.Va. - WSAZ television, the dominant NBC affiliate in the 64th market (Charleston and Huntington), donated a television set to Concord University. The set, if designed and built today, would be valued at nearly $100,000.

“David Barnette, an alumnus of Concord and advisor to the broadcasting association, asked that I consider his alma mater,” stated Don Ray, regional vice president and general manager for WSAZ. (Gray Television, Inc., a communications company headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., owns WSAZ and 25 television stations nationwide.) “In the past, we have given portions of sets and equipment to Marshall University and Ohio University. The set, which includes a blue backdrop, duratrans, desk and credenza, was professionally designed and is very functional. We did our ‘one shots’ and our ‘two shots’ on this set. Students who graduate from Concord will be accustomed to working on a professional set.

“This builds a relationship between WSAZ and Concord University. We would like to have young professionals think of us when they begin their careers. We are one of the best television stations in the United States and we are close to them. We think we can be a good home for them and they can contribute to us; we are always looking for talented professionals,” he concluded.

The set was disassembled by technicians and has already been reassembled — and used — in the Concord University studio in the J. Frank Marsh Library.

Regarding “young professionals,” one Concord University student may already fit that description — Tim Gibson from Poca. Gibson was hired about three months ago by WSAZ and is already the Saturday morning producer. He will graduate from Concord this May.

William Bailey is the videographer for the University. He has attained his level two certification in “Final Cut Pro” digital editing software and teaches about 20 students in the studio. “We rotate students through the various positions in the studio so that they are familiar with all aspects of production,” he said.

“The students have really picked up in their efforts since the new set was installed,” said Bailey. “Our on-air look is better than it has ever been and we have a whole new sense of professionalism in the department.”

Tim Barnes, director of the Center for Academic Technologies, said that, “I appreciate all that David Barnette and WSAZ have done for Concord. This set will really contribute to the academic experience of our broadcasting students.”

In addition to the professional set donated by WSAZ, the University’s studio has a control room with 10 digital non-linear editing stations and digital cameras. The University also has a professional audio production facility. Students in the broadcasting department are currently producing segments of programming for public television. The segments, “Campus Connection,” air on WSWP at 1 p.m. on Sundays.

Students at Concord may pursue a degree in communication arts with electronic media and journalism as an area of emphasis.

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PHOTO: The WSAZ set as it appeared with anchor Penny Moss.

PHOTO: Videographer William Bailey works with Concord students Norm Miller from Westbrook, Maine, and Tim Gibson from Poca. Both students will graduate this May.