Concord Prof. Brewster named to Virginia Board of Education

For Immediate Release: 
Apr 30 2006

Concord Prof. Brewster named to Virginia Board of Education

Athens, W.Va. - A call to duty for one Concord professor will lead to new skills and information reaching the classroom of the region’s future educators. Gov. Timothy Kaine of Virginia recently called the office of Dr. Thomas Brewster, assistant professor of education, and asked him if he would be willing to serve on the Virginia State Board of Education. Brewster accepted the assignment. Now he is eager to take advantage of this new opportunity.

“I feel honored to be selected,” Brewster said, “It’s an important position and one I’ve always been interested in.”

The Virginia State Board of Education is a policy-making body that manages the various school systems within the Commonwealth.

“I hope to be a good and active Board member. I hope to represent the entire Commonwealth but particularly that of rural schools,” Brewster said, adding that he also hopes to work with schools that are having difficulty gaining accreditation.

Prior to coming to Concord, Brewster, a resident of Tazewell County, Va., worked as a schoolteacher at Graham High School in Bluefield, Va., and later as assistant principal at Tazewell High School in Tazewell, Va., and principal of Pocahontas High School in Pocahontas, Va. He said he hopes to use the different skills from all of his experience in education as a member of the Board.

“Concord has prepared me with content knowledge. My experiences as a school teacher and public school administrator have provided me with a lot of practical knowledge,” Brewster said.

His experiences on the State Board will also help him in his classes at Concord.

“The biggest thing is that there are a lot of Virginia students and a lot of students seeking teaching credentials in Virginia. I will be able to bring back information about teaching certification requirements,” he said.

Additionally, this opportunity will provide him with additional opportunities to participate in professional development activities such as conferences for superintendents, principals, and teachers in Virginia. Those experiences, he noted, will particularly benefit the educational leadership classes he teaches at Concord. In addition, he said he would make acquaintances with people who may be able to share their skills and expertise with the institution.


PHOTO: Dr. Thomas Brewster