Concord Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

For Immediate Release: 
May 01 2006

Concord Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

Athens, W.Va. – On Tuesday, May 2, Human Resources Representative Mitzi Cline organized the annual Service Awards ceremony at which time Concord University President, Dr. Jerry Beasley, congratulated employees who had reached five-year benchmarks for employment at the institution. The 2 p.m. ceremony was held in the Concord Room in the Student Center.

“This is a celebration for all of us and I am especially proud to be among the honorees!” exclaimed the President. “There is a constancy that I’ve seen that comes as a result of your knowing who you are and your sharing who you are with the countless students who’ve come through this place. I think that the value of longevity brings patience and it brings wisdom and it brings a commitment that makes this place what it is. This really connects generations and it makes me glad to have been here.”

The following employees received recognition for completing five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years.

Recipients of the five-year service awards were Mr. Michael Cox, Dr. Ellen Darden, Mr. John Fazio, Ms. Teresa Frey, Dr. Karen Griffee, Dr. Kathy Hawks, Ms. Jennifer Koerber, Dr. Kathryn Liptak, Dr. Darrin Martin, Ms. Anita Moody, Mr. Fernando Porras, Ms. Judy Sanders, Mr. Keith Simmerman, Ms. Lethea Smith and Mr. Anthony Underwood.

Recipients of the 10-year service awards were Dr. Bonnie Dorsey, Mr. Kevin Garrett, Dr. Angie Edwards, Ms. Cheryl Mays and Ms. Melissa Richmond.

Recipients of the 15-year service awards were Ms. Barbara Hazelwood, Ms. Debbie Moore, Mr. Darrell Taylor and Ms. Barbara Rush.

Recipients of the 20-year service awards were Dr. Jerry Beasley, Ms. Sherry Brogan, Mr. Lawrence Griffith, Mr. Stanley Metz, Mr. William Skeat and Ms. Debbie Weiss.

Recipients of the 25-year service awards were Ms. Patricia Harmon, Mr. Gary Keaton and Mr. Eugene Hazelwood.

Recipients of the 30-year service awards were Ms. Linda Austin, Ms. Lynnis Hill and Ms. Kitty White.

Dr. Dean Turner received an award for 35 years of service. “There aren’t enough ways that we can say ‘thank you’ to Dr. Turner,” stated President Beasley. “Dr. Turner holds us accountable to very high standards. I owe him a great deal.”

In conclusion, Dr. Turner noted that collectively, those who received service awards represented 525 years of service, and three faculty who were retiring (Dr. April Puzzuoli, Dr. Roger Sheppard and Mr. Robert Whittinghill) represented nearly 100 years of service.


PHOTO: Concord President Jerry Beasley welcomes guests to the Service Awards ceremony.

PHOTO: Human Resources Representative Mitzi Cline organized the ceremony.

PHOTO: Those who received five-year service awards included (back row, left to right) Mr. Fernando Porras, Dr. Kathy Liptak, Dr. Kathy Hawks, Mr. Michael Cox, Ms. Teresa Frey (front row, left to right) Mr. Keith Simmerman, Ms. Lethea Smith, Ms. Anita Moody and Ms. Jennifer Koerber.

PHOTO: Those who received 10-year service awards included Ms. Melissa Richmond and Dr. Angie Edwards.

PHOTO: Those who received 15-year service awards included Ms. Barbara Rush and Mr. Darrell Taylor.

PHOTO: Those who received 20-year service awards included Mr. Bill Skeat, Ms. Sherry Brogan and Dr. Jerry Beasley.

PHOTO: Those who received 25-year service awards included Ms. Patricia Harmon and Mr. Gary Keaton.

PHOTO: Those who received 30-year service awards included Ms. Lynnis Hill, Ms. Linda Austin and Ms. Kitty White.

PHOTO: Dr. Dean Turner received an award for 35 years of service.