Two Concord University Students Present Research at National Conference

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May 07 2006

Two Concord University Students Present Research at National Conference

Athens, W.Va. - Two Concord University business students recently presented research at the 42nd Annual Midwest Business Administration Association (MBAA) International Conference in Chicago, Ill. Toyin Johnson, of Lagos, Nigeria, and Nikolay Peykov, of Smolyan, Bulgaria, both attended the conference and shared their research on international business with other business students and professionals. They were the only two undergraduate students presenting at the conference. The research papers had to undergo a double-blind refereeing process before being accepted for presentation.

The theme for the conference was “Safeguarding the Public: Responsible Practices, Ethical Behavior, and Fraud Prevention.”

Johnson presented research entitled: “Safeguarding the Public: A Case Study of the Nigerian Internet Fraud Scheme.” Peykov presented research entitled, “ISO Quality Standards: Increasing Competitiveness of Educational Institutions.” (The ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.)

“In general, the experience was highly academic,” said Johnson, “It was a gathering of distinguished minds ranging from accomplished Ph.D. students to veteran professors from many states in the country as well as foreign students and faculty from China, Colombia and England.”

“From a professional point of view, the conference was very valuable,” said Peykov, “I feel that in order to progress and excel, one has to challenge himself or herself constantly in every way possible. This conference in particular was a gathering of people with similar interests who share with each other research they have conducted on various topics. Such conferences are a great way to stay informed about the latest trends in one’s sphere of interest. They are also a great way to communicate ideas and receive feedback.”

The students did not just have to present their papers, however, but also defend them and receive critiques.

“To each paper presentation, a discussant is attached. . . . A discussant is a critique of sorts—a very severe one at that—it is one who examines your methodology and the relevance of your paper. Luckily enough, I received mild criticism, which by the way was highly constructive, when compared to some. . . . Some of these highly informed papers were picked to pieces, in a very academic fashion, of course, which lent an atmosphere of absoluteness to the conference. It was clear that the researchers and discussants had done their homework thoroughly,” said Johnson.

The students also had the opportunity to expand their learning and listen to other presentations while at the conference.

“I enjoyed giving the presentation as well as I enjoyed listening to other presentations,” said Peykov.

The trip also provided time for the students to explore the culture of the “Windy City.”

“We had some free time to go around the city. I got to enjoy the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and I also visited the museum of the Chicago Art Institute,” he shared.

The students worked closely with Dr. Christopher Ziemnowicz, professor of business, in their research and composition.

“I'd like to give special thanks to Dr. Chris Ziemnowicz, who relentlessly guided me and my colleague through the entire process which took months, and also provided amazing insights that improved the quality of my paper and the presentation,” said Johnson.

Since its first meeting in 1965, the MBAA International has acted as a coordinating body for autonomous groups in a variety of business-related academic areas. Today, there are over 700 members in eleven divisions: accounting; case research; economics; finance, real estate, insurance and risk management; health administration; human resources and industrial relations; information systems and quantitative methods; international business; legal studies; management; marketing; and operations management and entrepreneurship.

Ziemnowicz, along with Professor of Business, Dr. Kendra Boggess and Assistant Professor of Economics, Dr. Johnnie B. Linn III, also attended the conference with the students. The conference was held March 15 through 17.


PHOTO: Concord student Toyin Johnson of Lagos, Nigeria, presented at the MBAA International Conference in Chicago.

PHOTO: Concord student Nikolay Peykov, of Smolyan, Bulgaria, presented at the MBAA International Conference in Chicago.

CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Jesse Call, a junior majoring in political science and history, wrote this press release. His hometown is Pocahontas, Va.