Concordia Grad to Visit Concord U., No. 336 and Counting

For Immediate Release: 
May 25 2006

Concordia Grad to Visit Concord U., No. 336 and Counting

Athens, W.Va. – Colleges and universities across the nation jockey to be number one on various ratings and rankings systems, but for once—for Concord University—number 336 is an interesting position to hold.

Steve Lake, a pit boss who earns his living wheeling and dealing at a casino in Las Vegas, will be visiting “the campus beautiful” on Saturday, June 3 at 2 p.m. The visit is a result of Mr. Lake’s desire to visit college and university campuses and experience the beauty and charm of a collegiate lifestyle that he feels he missed. Why? His alma mater’s campus—Concordia University’s Sir George Williams campus in Montreal, Quebec, Canada—is a collection of high-rise buildings in a high traffic city. So, he and his wife use their vacation time to visit campuses around the world so they can experience the scenery, charm and ambiance of a traditional college campus. Concord will be number 336 on his list. He has visited colleges and universities in 47 states, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Italy and Puerto Rico and his favorite to date is Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y. Concord officials hope to be number one on his “favorites” list at the conclusion of his visit.

According to “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” his goal is to visit 500 campuses.

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