Your Campus, Your Funds. Get Access To It All With Just One Card.

It's Easy.

The Concord Cash Card serves as a Concord University student identification card and also as a Discover Debit Card for students who enroll in the debit card feature.

The initial Concord Cash Card is being provided free of charge. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for replacement IDs. The Concord Cash Card will continue to allow access to dining services, the Library, on-campus events and Athens Medical Center services. The additional benefits being provided by the Concord Cash Card include:

  1. Ability to opt-in for the electronic disbursement of check change and/or the direct deposit of student payroll to the Concord Cash Card.
  2. Ability to use deposited funds anywhere Discover is accepted.
  3. Free withdrawals of funds from a designated campus ATM and any AllPoint ATM off-campus.
  4. Ability to write checks.
  5. Ability to manage deposited funds online with bill pay options.

We hope you take advantage of this exciting opportunity. For questions regarding on-campus card features, please contact the Student Center Office at (304) 384-5246. For questions regarding the monetary card features, please contact the Business Office at (304) 384-5212, 5972 or 5210.

Receive your Financial Aid Credit Balance on your Concord Cash Card (choose below):

All students must opt-in or out of the Discover portion of the new Concord Cash Card. In order to have check change, payroll (from any employer) or funds from your parents electronically deposited onto the Concord Cash Card, you must opt-in to the Discover portion. The Concord Cash Card, while it is hosted by Discover, is NOT a credit card. The Concord Cash Card is a prepaid, debit card that cannot be over-drafted. Should you decide to opt-out, the card can only be used for the on-campus services listed in items 1-5 above.


Terms & Conditions (pdf)