Political Science Major Requirements



Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Political Science Program uses the following progression sheet to track the courses that students have taken towards the degree.

Political Science Progression Sheet (PDF)

Concord University Core Requirements

The degree of Bachelor of Arts, with a major in political science, requires successful completion of 120 semester hours, including (1) the Program of General Studies, which must include six hours of one modern language; (2) the political science program listed below including successful completion of a comprehensive exam (part of the required capstone course, POSC 450); and (3) a program of electives OR a minor as worked out with the student's advisor.

Political Science Major Requirements

33 Credit Hours

  • POSC 101 Introduction to Political Science (3) 
  • POSC 104 American Federal Government (3)  
  • POSC 303 International Relations (3) OR POSC 304 Comparative Government (3) 
  • POSC 450 Seminar in Political Science (3) 
  • POSC 472 Political Science Internship (3, 6)

Three credit hours (one course) from the following:

  • POSC 340 Modern Political Ideologies (3) 
  • POSC 405 Political Theory I (3) 
  • POSC 406 Political Theory II (3)

Additional Requirements

  • Twelve (12) credit hours of political science electives
  • MATH 105 Elementary Statistics (3) OR POSC 205 Community Based Research (3)