Why Major in Psychology?

An undergraduate degree in psychology is useful for many different career paths. The psychology program at Concord is a liberal arts major that focuses on breadth of learning, so our graduates have both expertise in psychology as well as a diverse set of skills across the disciplines. A psychology major can be the start of a career in psychology, other behavioral sciences, data analysis and interpretation, and other areas focused on human or animal behavior. At Concord, psychology majors are also required to have a minor in another discipline to help you gain specialized skills in complementary areas.

Here are some resources from the American Psychological Association about how you can use a psychology major after college:

Working in psychological science: Psychology can lead to diverse career paths. Explore some of the options and the kinds of education and training needed for them.

Guide to psychology careers: This link includes information about the field, the job outlook in each subfield, and other important information.

Graduate education in psychology: Information about pursuing graduate degrees in psychology, including how to apply to graduate school and what kinds of programs might be right for you.