Student Research

The psychology program at Concord provides students with the opportunity to do scientific research. Many students graduate from Concord with a psychology major and go on to graduate programs in psychology, where they pursue both masters and doctoral degrees. In psychology, the most important factor for admission to graduate school is hands-on experience performing psychological research. 

Undergraduates at Concord have unique opportunities to get involved in research early on by assisting other students and to eventually plan, execute, and present their own psychological research. Students work closely with faculty mentors as they develop their ideas, review relevant literature, and empirically test their hypotheses.

Scholars have the opportunity to present their research both at the spring Concord University Research Symposium and at various regional and national conferences. Through these undergraduate research experiences, Concord students learn to approach problems scientifically and think critically about research in the field. 

If you're looking to get involved in psychological research at Concord, there are many different opportunities. Consider registering for the Psy 270: Psychological Research class. You can plan your own study or get experience helping with others' projects. Get an early start! Planning and carrying out a project takes time. Starting as a sophomore or junior will let you get experience before doing your own project.