Curriculum Vitae

Leadership in data collection, evaluation and dissemination. Experience and expertise reaching across disciplines and bridging communication gaps promoting diversity and maintaining cohesiveness. Exhilaration for learning new topics and developing new skills


University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

  • Passed Ph.D. in Physics, July 2003
    Director of Dissertation Research: Dr. Brian D. Fields
    Ph.D. Committee Chairman: Dr. Vijay R. Pandharipande
    Passed Ph.D. Preliminary Examination, April 2001

  • Master of Science in Physics, January 2000
    Passed Ph.D. Qualifying Examination, September 1999

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale

  • Bachelor of Science, August 1998
    Majoring in Physics and Mathematics


Concord University

  • PHYS 101-Every Fall, 2016-present

    Introductory Physics
    An algebra/trigonometry-based introduction to mechanics, wave motion, and thermodynamics.
  • PHYS 102-Every Spring, 2017-present

    Intermediate Physics
    A continuation of PHYS 101, including an introduction to electricity and magnetism, optics, and modern physics.
  • PHSC 103-every 3rd Spring, 2018-present

    Physical Science: Physics/Chemistry
    Development of conceptual models in chemistry and physics. Intended for elementary through middle level (K-9) education majors.
  • PHYS 301-every 3rd Spring, 2019-

    Optics and Wave Phenomena
    Geometrical and physical optics.
  • PHYS 319-even years Fall, 2016-present

    Digital Electronics
    A laboratory study of digital electronics with emphasis on microprocessors.
  • PHYS 420-every 3rd Spring, 2017-present

    Special Topics: Astrophysics and Cosmology
    This course introduces modern astrophysics and cosmology. It includes learning about the life and death of stars, the chemical evolution and structure of galaxies, and the history and fate of the universe. Connections between theory, experiment, and observations will be emphasized.
  • PHYS 420-odd years Fall, 2017-present

    Special Topics: Computational Physics
    This course combines science, mathematics and computation. Developing computational/analysis tools needed to create/perform scientific calculations/simulations and understanding resulting data/verification.

Michigan State University:

  • ISP209-Fall 2014

    The Mystery of the Physical World
    Laws of physics through demonstrations and analyses of everyday phenomena. Optics, Mechanical systems and electromagnetic phenomena
  • Chief Organizer for TALENT workshop-May 28-June 13, 2014

    Course 7: Nuclear Theory for Astrophysics Summer TALENT Workshop 2014
    The focus will be on three specific interconnected topics of current interest in element synthesis, core collapse supernovae, r-process nucleosynthesis and neutrino physics. The lectures will provide students with the tools necessary to perform calculations, and to put these calculations into context.
  • PHY232-Spring 2014

    Introductory Physics II
    Electricity and magnetism, optics, atomic, nuclear and sub-nuclear physics.

University of Illinois:

  • Teaching Assistant: PHY101-Fall 1998-Spring 2000

    Discussion/Problem Sections
    Laboratory Sections
    Pre-test Reviews



  • MySQL Database with PHP-driven online interface. One key input for nuclear astrophysics are reaction rates that govern the interconversion of nuclei. The database is a collection of reaction rates; it is searchable, users can create their own libraries and download data in several formats used by the nuclear astrophysics community.


  • MySQL Database with PHP-driven online interface. Since the field of nuclear astrophysics is quite broad and diffuse, we created a weekly email journal, scanning over 30 scientific journals, selecting articles relevant to nuclear astrophysics, categorizing each according to topic, and publishing online, with email notification via an email list server.


  • MySQL Database with PHP-driven online interface. To provide complete nuclear physics input for astrophysics, we created the nuclide database to compliment the reaction database. This database is a collection of nuclide properties; the database is searchable, users can create own libraries and download data in several formats used by the nuclear astrophysics community.


Assistant Professor of Physics

  • August 2016 to present
    Department of Physical Scence
    College of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Health
    Concord University
    Chair: Dr. Joseph Allen

Visiting Assistant Professor

  • January 2007 to August 2015
    Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics
    National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
    Michigan State University
    Advisor: Dr. Hendrik Schatz
    Management of the JINA REACLIB Database project
    Research in nuclear astrophysics

Research Associate

  • September-December 2006
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    University of Victoria
    Advisor: Dr. Maxim Pospelov
    Research in particle astrophysics

Research Associate

  • September 2003-August 2006
    Theory Group
    TRIUMF, Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Byron K. Jennings
    Research in nuclear and particle astrophysics

Research Assistant

  • March 1999-August 2003
    Department of Astronomy
    University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign
    Advisor: Dr. Brian D. Fields
    Research in primordial nucleosynthesis and cosmology

Teaching Assistant

  • September 1998-May 2000
    Department of Physics
    University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign
    Teaching discussion and lab sections for the algebra-based physics
    Review lecturing for exams
    Received ``Excellence in Teaching'' Award for
    Fall 1998, Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 semesters

Research Assistant

  • September 1996-August 1998
    Department of Physics
    Southern Illinois University
    Advisor: Dr. Ronjia Tao
    Research in electro/magneto-rheology

Committee, Community, and Management Work

  1. Hosted Joint Spring Meeting of the Appalachian and Chesapeake Sections of the AAPT Concord University, Athens, WV Apr 22, 2017
  2. Pre-Health Advisory Committee Concord University
    1. To provide advisory services to pre-health students including structured guidance from freshman to senior year, a committee-based recommendation letter for medical-school applicants, and other services that will help them to succeed.
    2. To examine and assess the pre-medical/pre-health sciences undergraduate and graduate curricula on an ongoing basis and make recommendations to improve programs to the Division of Natural Sciences.
    3. To provide a forum for evaluating MCAT scores, ACS and ETS exam scores, number and qualifications of applicants, and other indicators of student progress. These results will be conveyed to Division faculty on a regular basis and in an annual report with relevant data.
  3. Organizer for TALENT course 7: Nuclear theory for Astrophysics (~30 students) Michigan State University Website: November 2013-June 2014 (May 28-June 13, 2014)
  4. Supervision of 14 undergraduate/graduate students part of managing the JINA REACLIB Database and Virtual Journals Spring 2007-Summer 2015
  5. Manager of the JINA REACLIB Database REACLIB Spring 2007-Summer 2015
  6. Manager of the JINA NUCDATALIB Database NUCDATALIB Spring 2010-Summer 2015
  7. Manager of the JINA and SEGUE Virtual Journal Databases JINA VJ SEGUE VJ Spring 2007-Summer 2015
  8. Editor of the JINA and SEGUE Virtual Journals Selects articles for journals Spring 2009-Summer 2015
  9. Assistant Editor of the JINA and SEGUE Virtual Journals Selects articles for journals Spring 2007-2009
  10. “Nuclear astrophysics in cosmology: BBN and Type Ia SNe” Mini-Symposium American Physics Society Division of Nuclear Physics Meeting Co-organizer (w/ Barry Davids, TRIUMF) March 2012-present (October 24-27, 2012)
  11. “Online Support for Astrophysics” Suite of 10 Lunchtime Tutorials at Nuclei in the Cosmos Symposium Organizer October 2011-present (August 5-6, 2012)
  12. “Emerging Needs for Nuclear Data” Mini-Symposium & Satellite Workshop American Physics Society Division of Nuclear Physics Data Meetings Co-organizer (w/ Boris Pritychenko, NNDC) Website: October 2010-October 2011 (October 29-30, 2011)
  13. Workshop on Data Requirements in Nuclear Astrophysics Nuclei in the Cosmos XI satellite workshop Co-organizer (w/ Dr. Kerstin Sonnabend) Website: Spring 2009-Fall 2010 (July 25-27, 2010)
  14. Nuclei in the Cosmos X Local Organizing Committee NICX: Spring 2007-2008
  15. Nuclei in the Cosmos X Data Meeting Organizer NICX: Spring 2007-2008
  16. Master’s Thesis Committee Member Kristen A. Koopmans “Catalyzed Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and the Properties of Charged Relics in the Early Universe” Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Victoria August 23, 2007
  17. TRIUMF Journal Club Organizer Fall 2004-Summer 2006
  18. Theory Postdoc Discussion Group Host Fall 2003-Summer 2006
  19. Secrets of the Cosmos-Cosmology Group Forum Organizer Spring 2003-Summer 2003
  20. Secrets of the Cosmos-Cosmology Group Forum Co-Organizer Spring 2002-Fall 2002
  21. Astronomy Journal Club Chief Organizer Spring 2002-Fall 2002
  22. Graduate Student Colloquium Meeting/Lunch Organizer Fall 2001-Spring 2000