Concord University has a rich tradition of research and scholarly inquiry. Students have the opportunity to engage in original research and collaborate with faculty members both in and outside of the classroom. Explore our web site for more information about Research at Concord including the Human Subjects Review Board, Undergraduate Research Day, Committee on Research and links to the McNair Scholars Program and Office of Sponsored Programs

Students who engage in original research gain a deeper understanding of the material and an appreciation for what it means to work in his or her chosen field. They also benefit from working closely with faculty members and other students as they solve problems. Students can present their work at national and regional conferences, West Virginia's Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, and CU's Undergraduate Research Day. Additionally, participating in undergraduate student research has become an important part of gaining admission into graduate and professional programs. 

Below are just a few examples of resent student-faculty research projects at Concord:

  • An investigation of the way storm events effect dissolved organic carbon in freshwater streams
  • Potential discrimination based on sexual orientation in the hiring process
  • Exploration of the history of medical and biological illustration
  • Examining the effects of incorporating different kinds of technology into preschool classrooms using developmentally appropriate techniques
  • Study of metal enhancement using electron beam lithography patterned surfaces and DNA origami structures
  • An investigation of the education and occupation aspirations of teens in a coal economy
  • A collection of studies investigating deception in everyday communications

What discovery will YOU make at Concord University?