Concord University Committee on Research


Statement of Purpose

1. The Committee on Research promotes an active sponsored program environment in the Concord Community and provides guidance in the conduct of sponsored programs and research.

The Committee on Research will act on the following:

  • Proposal Submission and Award Transfer Policy Waivers
  • Provide oversight and/or recommendation in the establishment and operation of various subcommittees, including but not limited to, internal proposal review for restricted funding opportunities, Human Protection, Animal Care, and Biosafety committees
  • Review restrictions on publications, ownership, and other rights usually afforded to intellectual property generated within academia in order to safeguard the rights of the Concord community
  • Assist with the design and implementation of sponsored project policies, procedures, and initiatives for the University
  • Assist with other issues upon the request of the Chairperson, Executive Director, or Director of Administration of the Corporation/President, Vice President and Academic Dean, Vice President of Business and Finance, or Director of Grants and Contracts of Concord University

2. The Committee on Research promotes non-sponsored research endeavors by Concord faculty, staff, and students. We work to obtain and improve the incentives, venues, and capacity for research and scholarly activities through Concord University.

Committee Membership will include:

1. Department Representatives 

  • Department representatives will be elected by their Departments
  • Department representatives will serve two year appointments
  • Department representatives can serve for consecutive appointments

2. Committee Chair

  • Only department representatives can serve as Chair
  • Chair will serve a two year appointment
  • Chair cannot serve consecutive appointments

3. Human Subjects Review Board Chair (HSRB)

4. Representative from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

5. Representative from the Vice President and Academic Dean’s Office

6. Representative from Office of Sponsored Programs (Non-voting member)