CU Gay-Straight Alliance


The mission of the Concord University Gay-Straight Alliance is one of learning, support, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance. The GSA operates under the ethos that every CU experience in diversity is a learning experience. 

The GSA strives to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere in which students may learn and personnel may perform their duties. The GSA provides educational programs and the promotion of tolerance, understanding, and acceptance through social awareness.

Desirous to end the spread of hatred, homophobia, and related harassment and violence, they work diligently to promote unity at Concord and in the community.

The organization is comprised not only of members of the LGBTQ community, but also allies. Allies offer support for the cause and are vital to the GSA success.



Gay-Straight Alliance meetings serve as a common place for Concord's LGBTQ community and a safe place for those who have yet to come out. Anyone is welcome to come to GSA meetings. Many straight ally's come to meetings to support the cause.

Anything discussed in GSA meetings is 100% CONFIDENTIAL. The only reason an outside source would ever be told of someone's presence is if the GSA feel that person may cause harm to themselves or others.

For meeting dates and times, visit the GSA Facebook page.


GSA Contact Information

Dr. Joan Pendergast
(304) 384-5289