Safe Zone Campus Directory


The following is a list of Concord University faculty, administrators and staff members who have completed the Safe Zone Training. Students who complete the training are listed under the Student Allies directory. Names will be added as individuals finish the training. 

We encourage our LGBTQ students to seek these individuals out if you need assistance. Just look for the Safe Zone sticker on university doors to find a safe place.

Faculty and Staff Allies

Shawn Allen
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Marsh Hall, Room A213
(304) 384-5299

Dr. Dana Alloway
​Associate Professor of Chemistry
Science, Room S401D
(304) 384-5297

Dr. Sarah Beasley
Director of Retention
Rahall Technology Center, Room 243
(304) 951-9712

Dr. Jonathan Berkey
​Associate Professor of History
Marsh Hall, Room 234
(304) 384-5200

Laurel Black
Adjunct Professor of Music
Fine Arts, Room M05 
(304) 384-5307

Dr. David Chambers 
Associate Professor of Biology
Science, Room S201D
(304) 384-5239; Cell: (304) 384-9214

Dr. Linwood Clayton
Associate Professor of RTM
Marsh Hall, Room A120
(304) 384-5264

Dr. Darrell Crick
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Science, Room S401A
(304) 384-5169

Dr. Ellen Darden
Professor of Social Work
Marsh Hall, Room A210
(304) 384-6083

Dr. Charlotte Davis
Assistant Professor of Management
Rahall Technology Center, Room 233
(304) 384-5997

Tom Davis
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Science, Room S205
(304) 384-5134

Rick Dillon
Student Affairs Office
Student Center, Room 201
(304) 384-5231

Chuck Elliott
V.P. of Information Technology & Chief Information Officer
Office: Rahall Technology Center, Room 300
(304) 384-5334

Melanie Farmer
Grants & Contracts Assistant
Marsh Hall, Room A222
(304) 384-6314

Dr. Marjie Flanigan
V.P. of Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Student Center, Room 201
(304) 384-6035; Cell: (304) 887-1901

Bill Fraley
Director of Residence Life
Student Center, Room 201
(304) 384-5231

Dr. Michelle Gompf
Associate Professor of English
Marsh Hall, Room A327
(304) 384-6085

Dr. Karen Griffee
Professor of Psychology
Marsh Hall, Room A118
(304) 384-5201

Deb Griffith (Mizz Debbie)
Program Assistant I
Student Center, Room 104
(304) 384-5285

Dr. Diane Smith Grych
Assistant Professor of Education
Marsh Hall, Room A131
(304) 384-6077

Dr. Alice Hawthorne-Allen
​Associate Professor of Physics
Science, Room S302
(304) 384-6273

Dr. Sally Howard
Associate Professor of Political Science
Marsh Hall, Room A215
(304) 384-5149

Vanessa Howell
Administrative Associate-MSW Program
Marsh Hall, Room A107
(304) 384-6260

Kelly Hudson
Temporary Assistant Professor of Music
 Fine Arts, Room M113
(304) 384-5301

C. Scott Inghram
​Assistant Professor of Social Work
Marsh Hall, Room A220 & Grant House #3
(304) 384-6318 or (304) 716-4307

Steve Jarvis
Academic Success Center Program Specialist
Rahall Technology Center, Room 243-A
(304) 384-6074

Eric Jewell
Resident Director
Office: South Tower, Housing and Residence Life
(304) 384-5378

Allena King
Student Support Services Program Assistant
Office: Student Center, Room 202
(304) 384-6089

Dr. Tracy Luff
Associate Professor of Sociology
Marsh Hall, Room A209
(304) 384-5242

Sharon Manzo
Academic Success Center Emerita Staff
Office: Rahall Technology Center, Room 243
(304) 384-5102

Dr. Christopher McClain
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Science, Room S100E
(304) 384-5298

Dr. Thomas McKenna
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Marsh Hall, Room A231
(304) 384-5280

Dr. Ida Mills
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Marsh Hall, Room A210
(304) 384-6083

Gail Murano
Social Work ​IV-E Training Coordinator
Grant House
(304) 716-4619

Beth Nelson
Student Support Services Program Coordinator
Student Center, Room 202
(304) 384-5274

Dr. Delilah F. O’Haynes
Professor of English
Office: Marsh Hall, Room A315
(304) 384-5261

Lori L.H. Pace
Instructor of Sociology
Office: Erma Byrd Higher Education Center
(304) 252-0270; Cell: (304) 763-5396

Dr. Anthony Patricia
Lecturer of English
Marsh Hall, Room A312
(304) 384-5207

Dr. Joan Pendergast
Associate Professor of Social Work
Office: Marsh Hall, Room A211
(304) 384-5289

Terri Philpott
​Director of Student Support Service
Office: Rahall Technology Center, Room 246
(304) 384-5282

Jonathan Ratliff
Adjunct Professor of Art
Fine Arts, Room 203B
(304) 384-5350

Dr. Lauri Reidmiller
Associate Professor of Art
Fine Arts, Room A203D
(304) 384-5206

Don Rieley
Adjunct Instructor of Business
Rahall Technology Center, Room 218
(304) 384-5396; (540) 599-4442

Dr. Jack Sheffler
Associate Professor of Art
Fine Arts, Room M109
(304) 384-5350

Dr. Shimantini Shome
Associate Professor of Geography
Marsh Hall, Room A122
(304) 384-6025

Anthony Simms
Resident Director
Student Center, Room 209
(304) 384-5378; (304) 920-2488

Dr. John David Smith
Professor of Social Work
Marsh Hall, Room A107-B
(304) 384-5218

Karen Vuranch
Instructor of Communication Arts
W-24 Beckley/CA 42 Athens
(304) 384-5317 or (304) 575-3636

Sarah Wambe
Director of International Admissions
Marsh Hall, Room A208
(304) 384-6294; Cell: (650) 515-8095 

Megan Webber
Resident Director of Sarvay and Wilson Halls
Student Center, Room 209
(304) 384-5230 

Dr. Jim White
Professor of Political Science
Marsh Hall, Room A214
(304) 384-6061

Dr. Sarah Whittaker
​Professor of Social Work
Marsh Hall, Room A212
(304) 384-5228

Dr. Susan Williams
Associate Professor of RTM
Marsh Hall, Room A121
(304) 384-6026

Dr. William Williams
Associate Professor of Education
Marsh Hall, Room 101A
(304) 384-6222 

Dr. Darla Wise
Professor of Biology
Marsh Hall, Room A232
(304) 384-5283

Lora Woolwine
Executive Secretary to the President
Marsh Hall, Room A200 
(304) 384-5224

Khalilah Workfield
Resident Director
Student Center, Room 209
(304) 384-5231

Student Allies

The response to the Safe Zone program has been so positive that our wonderful students also wanted the opportunity to be identified as allies. The following students have completed the Safe Zone training. For privacy reasons we are only including links to their e-mail addresses in this directory. 

Molly Bates

Rachel Bohannan

Cody Boone

Carley Fisher

Damon Frazier

Charles Goss

Ryan Johnston

Sarun Junsiri

Jeremiah Kas

Tyler Kerr

Kelsey Leadman

Reginald Mallory

Cassandra Molchanoff

Garrett Mustard

Marie Owens

Micaela Ramsey

Jordan Robinson

Paul Smith

Hannah Stevens

Jesse Stevens

Lauren Stevens

Laken Sutton

Crystle Taylor

Akintunde Thomas

Charles Wallace

Leanne Watson

Andrew Weiss

Bill Wright