Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences at Concord University. Our interdisciplinary Academic Programs are designed to prepare students for careers in human services, research, and civic leadership. Students have the opportunity to earn bachelor degrees in Geography, Political Science and Psychology. We also offer a variety of Minors.

As a department, we consider the complex nature of the human experience and interaction. Collectively we look at how human development, social structures, and personal experiences shape individuals, societies, and nations. By better understanding the interconnected social world, students can work towards a more just society. 

Our award-winning faculty are committed to providing learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. Students have opportunities to draw on the faculty’s real-world experiences as they engage in independent research, internships, field work, and more. Combining both academic theory and hands on learning, students develop the skills to be successful in a changing world. Our programs prepare students for their next steps in life, as the go on to graduate schools and seek out rewarding careers. 

Explore our website to see why the Department of Social Sciences’ Academic Programs are the right choice for you!