Academic Programs

Academic Programs

The Division of Social Sciences is home to many of the top majors at Concord University. Below you will find an overview of our Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation and Tourism Management, Social Work, and Sociology programs. To learn more, visit the program's website.


Geography Program


The objective of the Geography Program at Concord University is to provide an understanding of the interrelationships between people and their cultural and physical environments. Factual information is combined with geographic theories to identify, through critical thinking, the spatial relationships found on the Earth’s surface. Attention is also given to the geographic tools and techniques used to analyze the natural and human patterns found on the Earth’s surface.

The Geography department offers a BA and the option of two concentrations: Cartography & Geographic Information Systems and Pre-Environmental Law. Department faculty are committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities that encourage decision-making skills and citizen engagement. Students have the opportunity to work with department faculty who are actively engaged in regional research projects and community service. 

Degrees Offered

  • Geography (BA)
  • Geography - Cartography and Geographic Information Systems Emphasis (BA)
  • Geography - Pre-Environmental Law Emphasis (BA)
  • Geography (Minor)

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Political Science Program


Courses in Political Science are designed to stimulate in students a greater awareness and understanding of political institutions, processes, relationships, and their underlying principles. The goal of these courses is to generate the requisite interest and skilled civic participation that are so crucial to the maintenance of a just, responsible and democratic society. In addition, the program is designed to prepare students for graduate study and law school.

Degrees Offered

  • Political Science (BA)
  • Political Science (Minor)

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Psychology Program


The Psychology program provides students professional training in the field of psychology by providing an overview of the essential methods and findings of experimental, clinical, and theoretical psychology. The scientist-practitioner model is emphasized in applied courses. Opportunities are provided for both human and non-human experimental research through environmental manipulation.

The program offers courses geared to help students gain experience with psychology as a science, addressing issues of human behavior, thought, emotions, and mental illness from a number of theoretical perspectives. Students develop an understanding of how the biological underpinnings of behavior interact with culture and the environment. In applied courses, the scientist-practitioner model allows students to get hands-on experience performing scientific research and participating in clinical settings.

Degrees Offered

  • Psychology (BA)
  • Psychology (Minor)

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