Concord University Research and Development Corporation

In order to charge travel to your Research Corp. project, please fill out the Request for Disbursement Form along with a Travel Reimbursement Form.

These forms should be completed within 30 days of return based on the following rates:

1. Mileage reimbursement rate

                a. Click here to look at current rates.

2. Per Diem Rates

                a. Click here to look at current GSA rates.

                               i. Select the state you are purchasing the meal

                               ii. If your city or county is not listed, refer to the standard rate

                b. Meals provided must be excluded from the per diem calculations

                c. If claiming less than the allowable per diem value, itemized receipts must be attached.

3. First and Last Day of Travel

                a. The first and last day of travel is calculated at 75%

                                     Total                   First & Last Day of Travel

                                     $46                     $34.50

                                     $51                     $38.25

                                     $56                     $42.00

                                     $61                     $45.75

                                     $66                     $49.50

                                     $71                     $53.25