Counseling Services

Darrick Scott is the Student Support Services Educational Counselor



Counseling approaches are tailored to fit the student's individual needs. Generally, counseling tends to be short-term focused on stabilization and assisting students to return to their normal functioning. Sometimes students presenting with more complex issues require longer-term therapy. Treatment options including referrals are made on a case-by-case basis and take into account such variables as the nature of the specific issues, student's desire for change, and available resources at the Counseling Center.


Workshops are conducted through the year addressing time management, study skills, math skills, etc. One on one weekly meetings can also be scheduled to help keep you on track with withdrawal information, adding/dropping courses, information on academic policies and procedures, etc.


A meeting with Darrick for career exploration can help you plan and organize your major and career decisions. Darrick can listen to your situation, respond to your ideas, give you feedback; teach you strategies for making decisions, and help you formulate your major and career goals. Counseling also includes choosing a career, preparing a resume, preparing for job interviews, searching for and getting into graduate schools, etc.

Financial Aid

Financial counseling, completion of the FAFSA, searching for scholarship opportunities, etc.

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