Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.)

S.A.R.T. - A coordinated team of people who serve victims of sexual assault.

Any Concord University Community member who is seeking help with a current or past sexual assault should contact any member of our team with whom you feel comfortable. In all cases, the sooner the better.

If you have been a victim of Sexual Assault, on campus or off campus, please contact your local police department, hospital, or S.A.R.T. member.

Concord University S.A.R.T. Chair

Terri Philpott: 304-384-5282 (work) 304-462-9082 (home)

S.A.R.T. Members:

  • Khalilah Workfield NT Resident Director: 304-384-5230 (Daytime) 304-384-5138 (Home)
  • Arlene Xayasone WI/SA Resident Director: 304-384-5230 (Daytime) 304-384-5140 (Home)
  • Mark Stella CU Chief of Police: 304-384-5356 (Daytime)
  • Terry Moulder Campus Police Officer Lead: 304-384-6333
  • Joan Pendergast, CU Professor: 304-384-5289 (Daytime)
  • Angela Fedele CU Professor: 304-716-0485 (Daytime)
  • Susan Williams CU Professor: 304-384-6026 (Daytime)

Medical Services:

Reporting Agencies:

Support Services: