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Office of Public Safety

The Concord University Office of Public Safety exists to help maintain the safety and welfare of all members of the University community. Public Safety officers patrol campus grounds and buildings daily. Uniformed foot and vehicle patrols are utilized, and the University police vehicle is well marked for easy identification by all persons. If students observe a suspicious incident or person, or become the victim of a crime, they should immediately notify Public Safety.

Emergency phones are in four locations on campus: parking lot #9 (behind Wooddell Hall), parking lot #13 (South Towers), behind the Student Center facing north/Wilson Hall, and near the end of Marsh Hall facing the northeast (close to the Library, and facing the Fine Arts Building). Emergency telephones can be identified by blue light and provide the user with a direct link to Public Safety at the press of a button.  In case of emergency, call 911. 

Campus Safety Video

In this Campus Safety Video, Officer Moulder provides straightforward information every Concord student should know. This video could be added to the curriculum of a University 100 class.

Filmed by William Bailey at Concord University

Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.)

S.A.R.T. - A coordinated team of people who serve victims of sexual assault.


Any Concord University Community member who is seeking help with a current or past sexual assault should contact any member of our team with whom you feel comfortable. In all cases, the sooner the better.

If you have been a victim of Sexual Assault, on campus or off campus, please contact your local police department, hospital, or S.A.R.T. member.

Concord University S.A.R.T. Chair

Terri Philpott: 304-384-5282 (work) 304-462-9082 (home)

S.A.R.T. Members:

  • Khalilah Workfield NT Resident Director: 304-384-5230 (Daytime) 304-384-5138 (Home)
  • Arlene Xayasone WI/SA Resident Director: 304-384-5230 (Daytime) 304-384-5140 (Home)
  • Mark Stella CU Chief of Police: 304-384-5356 (Daytime)
  • Terry Moulder Campus Police Officer Lead: 304-384-6333
  • Joan Pendergast, CU Professor: 304-384-5289 (Daytime)
  • Angela Fedele CU Professor: 304-716-0485 (Daytime)
  • Susan Williams CU Professor: 304-384-6026 (Daytime)

Medical Services:

Reporting Agencies:

Support Services:

Student Conduct

To maintain order and protect the person and property of the campus community, a Student Code of Conduct was established to promote a safe education environment, not only in the classroom, but in many aspects of University life. (See Student Handbook).

Concord’s Student Conduct system involves a student-run Student Hearing Board for more minor offenses and a University Hearing Board for more serious offenses.

Student Safety

Concord University, the Office of Public Safety, and Housing and Residence Life take great measures to build on the safety record of the community of Athens and the State of West Virginia. The University believes that members of the Concord campus community can assist in keeping themselves from harm by utilizing prescribed safety precautions and by educating themselves about the frequency and type of security breaches which occur on University property. Public Safety will record and annually publish statistics on crime.

Students are encouraged to exercise common sense regarding personal safety. Each student must take an active part in his or her own personal safety and the safety of other community members.

Public Safety Officers work closely with professional and paraprofessional Housing and Residence Life staff personnel. Both the Officers and the Student Life staff members on duty are available to receive emergency telephone calls from anyone on campus or associated with the University. All Public Safety Officers have direct radio contact with local law enforcement agencies. To encourage accurate reporting of crimes and incidents, a formalized Incident Report is completed after each known event (when the victim allows us to report the crime).

What YOU can do to enhance YOUR OWN personal safety.

Please look over our Concord University Campus Safety & Wellness book for more information and resources. 

Personal Safety:

  • avoid walking alone, especially at night
  • walk in well lighted areas
  • walk clear of any area with heavy foliage
  • be alert and aware of your surroundings; even though phone calls might make you feel safer, they actually distract your attention
  • refrain from propping open residence hall doors
  • use the viewing porthole provided in each residence hall door
  • have strangers identify themselves before unlocking any room door

Personal Property Security:

  • secure valuables left in your room
  • print your name on valuables and register items like tablets, laptops, TVs, DVRs, bikes, etc. when appropriate
  • remember to lock the door(s) and window(s) to your personal room each time you leave and when you are sleeping
  • lock your room door when you are in the bathroom (traditional halls)
  • pre-plan a course of action in the event of lost or stolen credit cards, checks or money
  • do not leave your property unattended

Vehicle Security:

  • remove property from plain view
  • roll up vehicle windows
  • remove keys
  • keep your car locked, whether you’re in it or not
  • park in a well-lit area whenever possible

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

  • Stay in a group or use the buddy system; there is safety in numbers.
  • Don’t go off campus or back to campus with people you do not know or trust.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and have an “exit strategy” (e.g. back up ride, taxi #, etc.).
  • Always carry room keys with you, be aware of where you are going, and know a quick and safe way home whenever practical. 
  • Be aware that 90% of sexual assault victims are familiar with the perpetrator.
  • Take a self-defense class. Most people who take self-defense courses feel empowered to handle more serious situations.
  • Do not leave a drink unattended and/or accept a drink that you have not poured/mixed yourself.
  • Be mindful of your alcohol intake. Know alcohol and drugs can impair the ability to make good decisions. It can also lower inhibitions. 
  • Know your sexual limits. Communicate them clearly and effectively.
  • Know that you have a right to say “No” to sexual activity.
  • Stop what you are doing if you receive unclear or conflicting messages. 

Concord University and the Office of Housing and Residence Life encourage students to take all precautions toward their own personal safety and the security of their possessions.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Regulations


All motor vehicles belonging to or operated by faculty, full-time or part-time students, or staff, parked on the campus of Concord University AT ANY TIME shall be registered with the University Police. Registration normally will be accomplished at the beginning of each semester or summer term on regular registration days and/or during the first three days of classes.

In order to register a vehicle, the following information must be provided:

  • Vehicle license number and state of registration
  • Social Security Number
  • Make, type, and year of vehicle registered
  • Emergency contact number

Upon registering a vehicle, the registrant will be issued a parking permit as evidence of proper registration. This permit must be affixed to and clearly displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle at all times. Permits also must be validated each semester for all students.

To register for your parking permit click here.

Registration Fees

Student Fees are included in tuition. The following schedule of fees shall be charged for the registration of motor vehicles:

  • One Semester - $25
  • Full Year - $50 (Faculty/Staff only)


All faculty, staff, and students are eligible to register their vehicles on the Concord University Campus.

Authorized Parking Areas, Classification, and Visitor Parking

Currently, there are 21 parking areas to serve the needs of the University. In addition, there is limited parking along the roadway between the Fine Arts loading dock and Wooddell Hall and in the Maintenance parking lot. Although we have a designated area for visitors, they may overflow into any of the parking areas on campus.

Faculty and Staff

The entire parking area adjacent to Science Hall and the Fine Arts Building are exclusively for faculty, staff, and visitors from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Handicap spaces in lot #1 are for any handicapped person with appropriate state handicap permit.

The Reserved Spaces marked for the President, Vice President of the University and spaces marked for Police Vehicle and Mail Truck must be kept free for their use at all hours, day and night, and on all days, including weekends and holidays.

A vehicle registered to a Faculty or Staff person may not be driven by their family member and parked in a Faculty/Staff parking space.

When a situation occurs that requires a person to drive a vehicle to campus other than the vehicle they have registered with the University Police, two things must take place to assure vehicle identification:

  1. The individual must record the number of the decal issued to their primary vehicle on an index card or a piece of paper.
  2. They must place this index card or a small piece of paper on the dashboard of any non-registered vehicle in an area that is visible to the University Police Personnel at all times.

If another vehicle is used for an extended period of time, it must be registered with the University Police and another permit will be issued.

Handicapped Parking

Any person parking in a handicap space must display a state issued handicap permit in the vehicle so that it is visible to the Concord Police Officers. The identification card issued along with the handicap decal must be presented to the Campus Police on request.

Woodell Hall

Students residing in this residential hall are permitted to have and register one vehicle. Such registrants will be issued "M" decals, which authorize them to park their vehicles in the parking spaces located directly behind Wooddell Hall. Parking in other areas on campus is not permitted between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except in the Twin Towers parking lot.

Wilson Hall / Sarvay Hall

Students residing in Wilson/Sarvay Hall are permitted to have and register one vehicle. Such registrants will be issued "W" decals, which authorize them to park in the parking area adjacent to Wilson/Sarvay Hall and spaces along roadway located behind Wilson Hall. Parking in other areas on campus is not permitted between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Towers Hall

Students residing in the Twin Towers Residence Hall are permitted to have and register one vehicle. Such registrants will be issued "T" decals, which authorize them to park only in the Twin Towers parking lot. Parking in other areas on campus is not permitted between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Residents of North Towers are permitted to park in the parking lots in front of Towers.


Students commuting to the University from their permanent homes and environs are permitted to have and register one vehicle. Such registrants will be issues "C" decals, which authorize them to park in any authorized commuter parking area on campus, except Wilson/Sarvay Parking lot, faculty and staff parking, spaces for specific persons and the visitors parking spaces in front of the Student Center.

Emergency Vehicles

Certain University-owned vehicles and the personal vehicles of Police Officers and maintenance personnel are issued "E" decals to identify them as emergency vehicles. While these vehicles normally will be parked in regularly assigned areas, to serve the best interest of the college, it may be necessary and/or desirable for them to sometimes be parked in other areas, including visitor areas.

15-Minute Zone Spaces

There are three 15-minute zones in front of the Administration Building. Any vehicle may use these spaces for 15-minute parking.

Unauthorized Parking

Unauthorized areas identified by "No Parking" signs, all yellow curbs, crosswalks, driveways, loading docks, fire hydrants, and fire lanes. Parking is not permitted at anytime in the service driveways or loading docks serving any building. Parallel parking along the curb of the roadway in front of Rahall Technology Center is not permitted.


  • The road in front of the Administration Building and other roads must not be used for parking at any time.
  • Stopping to discharge and embark passengers on the State Road through the campus is prohibited at all times.
  • Parking or driving on the lawns or sidewalks is prohibited and will result in parking privileges being revoked and/or civil charges.
  • Citations issued to a vehicle that has been borrowed will subject the owner to the appropriate penalty for the violation.
  • All campus roads and drives are narrow, curved, and are frequently congested by vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The maximum safe speed limit is posted on roadways throughout the campus and varies between 15 mph.
  • Exceptions to these regulations will not be recognized unless prior written approval is obtained from the Director of Public Safety

Penalties for Parking Violations

Any person cited for a parking violation on the Campus of Concord University must appear within ten (10) business days before a designated official of the University. This official will be located in the Public Safety Office at the Rahall Technology Center and shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the offense during the ten (10) day period. Any person so cited may plead no contest to the offense and, by so pleading, shall be subject to a civil penalty often (10) dollars. Upon the expiration of the ten (10) days, or upon a pleading of not guilty before the designated college official, a magistrate of Mercer County may have jurisdiction of the offense.

Flagrant violators will have their names placed on a tow list when they receive their third ticket in the same semester. Public Safety may tow their vehicle when the individual receives their fourth ticket in the semester. The Department of Public Safety will notify the person when their name is placed on the tow list. There will not be prior notification of towing to individuals parking in fire lanes, handicap spaces, or loading docks or vehicles blocking the normal flow of traffic and blocking parked vehicles. Offenders will be responsible for towing and storage fees as well as all outstanding tickets

Any vehicle parked illegally in a handicap space could result in a state parking citation. The cost is $100.00 under state code §17C-13-6.


Rahall Technology Center, First Floor, Room 105
All Emergencies: 911
Non-Emergencies: 304-384-5357

Dr. Joan Pendergast
Associate Professor-Social Work

Dr. Sarah Beasley
Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students



The Office of Public Safety has many important documents regarding student and faculty well being. Please click the links below to read more on each resource.