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Table of Contents
  • Calendar of Events
  • Business Office, Financial Aid, & Registrar Information
  • Financial Aid and Business Office
  • Growth Mindset
  • Financial Aid/Business Office - Satisfactory Academic Progress, Student Loans, Business Office FAQ
  • Residence Life FAQ
  • Disability Services
  • Career Services
  • Student News
  • Freshmen Send-Off
  • Athens-Concord Town Social
  • Concord Night with the Princeton Rays
  • Move-In Day/Welcome Week Kick-Start
  • Important Campus Phone Numbers
Welcome to the Summer Edition of the Student E-News!

Whether you are a new or continuing Concord student, the E-News is full of important information, so please be sure to read it thoroughly. The Frequently Asked Questions from administrative areas may save you time and energy by providing answers in an easy format. Please be sure to check your MyCU and Email often—it’s how we communicate with you. We hope you have an enjoyable remainder of the summer and we will CU in August!

Staff of Student E-News

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Calendar of Events

For a listing of events on campus, click here.

And for the full Fall 2015 academic calendar, click here.

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Attention: Important Information from the Business Office, Financial Aid, & Registrar

Please be aware of the following important procedures regarding tuition, fees, course schedule changes and financial aid.  Much of this information is new for the 2015-16 academic year.

  • Confirm Attendance:  Students must confirm their attendance for Fall 2015 semester by the first day of classes.  Instructions appear on your billing statement.
  • Schedule Changes:  Changes to your Fall 2015 class schedule can be made through August 21, 2015. After this date, if you withdraw from a class you will receive a grade of “W” that will appear on your official academic transcript. You will also be charged for the course’s tuition and/or course fees. The course then counts towards your percentage of completion for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP). To summarize, dropping a class prior to August 21, 2015 will avoid the class appearing on your transcript, avoid course fees, and will not count towards your financial aid percentage of completion.
  • Financial Aid Refund (Check Change):  Financial aid refunds—“check change”—will not be disbursed until Monday, August 24, 2015 to allow for schedule changes made during the first week of classes. Students must complete all financial aid requirements before financial aid will be applied to accounts.
    • For students who receive check change on the Concord One-Card (Student ID), check change may be available beginning at 5pm on Friday, August 21, 2015.  You must opt-in via For students who prefer a paper check, check change will be available for pick up at the Cashier window beginning Monday, August 24, 2015. Cashier hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm.
  • For first-time borrowers, loan funds are disbursed 30 days from the first day of the term. 

Please note: Check change will be distributed at the earliest possible date/time, but you must have all requirements completed as early as possible. Requirements include: confirming attendance, finalizing your course schedule, supplying Financial Aid with all requested information and documents, completing loan entrance counseling, etc.

  • Textbook Purchases:  All students can purchase fall semester textbooks prior to the start of the term through the Concord University Campus Store (Follett Higher Education Group) either online ( or in-store purchase. For students who plan to use check change to purchase textbooks, up to $750 of your refund can be applied to your fall textbook order. Students will be notified through your Concord email when purchasing can begin.  All orders using check change must be picked-up in-store with a valid Concord ID.

Fall 2015 Course Registration (Returning Students): Still need to register for Fall 2015 classes?  If you are returning to Concord in the fall, but missed the early course registration period, it’s not too late to course select. Contact your assigned academic advisor or the Academic Dean’s Office in Admin 240 (Marsh Hall) for assistance.

Transfer or Withdraw:  For students who attended Concord in Spring 2015 but who are not returning for Fall 2015, please complete the Online Withdrawal Form. Failure to properly withdraw and complete the exit process may have negative consequences. Contact the Academic Success Center for assistance (; 304-384-6074).

Please contact the Business Office (304-384-5212 or 5972), Registrar (304-384-5236), or Financial Aid Office (304-384-6069) if you have questions.

Best wishes for a successful Fall 2015 semester!

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Federal Student Aid ID (FSA) Replaces FAFSA PIN!

As of May 10, 2015, the federal government has eliminated the FAFSA PIN number and replaced it with a Federal Student Aid User ID and password (FSA ID). Both students and parents will need separate FSA ID’s. Several YouTube videos are available to demonstrate how to complete the form, however please note that these are not officially produced by Federal Student Aid. A Frequently Asked Questions page is also available ( from FSA. The process can take a couple of days, so be sure to start the process early and apply for the FSA ID before you actually need to use it!

Please note that you will need a FSA ID to electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents, log in to certain U.S. Department of Education websites, access your federal financial aid information, and more.

If you have problems with the FSA ID process, please contact 1-800-4FED-AID or 1-800-433-3243 or chat live via For other Concord University financial aid questions, please contact, phone 304-384-6069, or visit the CU Financial Aid webpage via

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Student Loans

Many students must borrow to pay for college. Fortunately, there are loan options for students and parents. But note: Loans must be repaid, with interest! Do not borrow more than what is needed to pay your student account balance! Below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding educational loans. More information can be found via;; and

My financial aid does not cover my entire bill balance. How do I apply for a loan or additional loans?: If you already have loans offered, you will need to accept these loans by filling out a loan acceptance form on the Financial Aid web page. New borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling at

For students who have already exceeded Stafford loan eligibility, the first step is a Parent Plus Loan and they should visit the website This website gives detailed instructions on how to check their credit and complete their MPN. If the parent is denied, the student will automatically be eligible, within their budget, for up to $4000 in unsubsidized Stafford loans.

The second and absolutely last alternative is the Private Loan industry. Students will also visit for instructions on how to complete this loan process.

What is the difference between Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans?: If you receive a Subsidized Loan, you are not responsible for paying the interest on the loan while you are enrolled at the university. If you receive an Unsubsidized Loan you are responsible for paying the interest on the loan while you are enrolled at the university.

Where do I fill out my Entrance Interview?:

Where do I complete my Master Promissory Note?:

What are the interest rates on my loans?: The amount of interest you will pay on your loans is dependent upon the loan type and (for most types of federal student loans) the first disbursement date of the loan. Please click here for further information.

Do I have to fill out a Master Promissory Note every year?: No, if you had student loans last year, your promissory note is still active.

Do my parents have to apply for Parent Plus Loans each year?: Yes.

How do I apply for a Perkins Loan?: Perkins loan eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office during your packaging. If awarded, you will need to accept the Perkins Loan by completing the loan acceptance form on the website.

Where can I complete a Perkins Promissory Note?: The Perkins promissory note can be completed online at

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Business Office Frequently Asked Questions

The Concord University Business Office is committed to providing exceptional service to students, faculty, and staff in a professional and courteous manner, while maintaining the highest possible standards of accuracy in administering the finances for Concord University.

Aside from processing payments both manually and electronically, and disbursing check change, the Business office also handles student work-study payments, and approves book loans –in conjunction with the campus store- for students who meet the necessary criteria. For more information on this and other features, please click on the link

Payments: When is a payment due? Payments for students who have pre-selected courses must be made no later than the first day of class for each semester. If payment has not been received by the first day of class, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed. Students should consult the Schedule of Courses for the deadline to pay fees and avoid being dropped from pre-selected courses. The current semester’s schedule can be found online at the Academics page of the Concord web site ( Students dropped from classes due to non-payment of tuition and fees will be required to re-select courses and will be assessed an additional 2% interest penalty.

Is there a payment plan option available?: The payment plan offered by Concord University is the Monthly Installment Payment plan. The installment plan requires a maximum of four monthly payments. For fall, the payment plan requires payments to begin in July and end in October and are payable by the 20th of each month. A non-refundable one time service fee of $50.00 will be added to the initial installment payment. This type of payment must be accompanied by a signed contract. July and August payments must be made to enter into the contract after the first day of classes. Please contact the Business Office at (304) 384-5212 or (304) 384-5972, or by email at for an application, or if you have any questions.

Refunds:  If I drop a class, will my tuition be refunded?:  Refunds are provided in limited circumstances upon withdrawal from the University. Please see for more detailed information, or check with the Concord University Business Office regarding your specific situation.

Why is there a Business Office hold on my student account?:   The Business Office places holds on accounts with past due charges. Tuition and fees are considered past due after the second day of class. These holds will prevent services from being received from the University (transcripts, registration, grades, etc.)
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Office of Housing & Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions

What is my room assignment? Who is my roommate?:   You can check your room assignment and roommate information online. Simply go to Click on the tab “My Room assignment” located in the right-hand column.

When may I check in?: Freshmen and transfer students will check in on Saturday, August 15, beginning as early as 8:30am.  Returning students will check in on Sunday, August 16, from 10am to midnight.

How can I change roommates?: You may come to room change meetings. Dates, times, and places for these meetings will be posted in the individual residence halls.

How do I sign up for my meal plan?: All on-campus residence hall students must select a meal plan. Enroll online via or visit the Dining Services Office in the Student Center (2nd floor).

Where can I find a list of items I may bring with me?: Simply go to Click on the link “Last Minute Lists.”

Do I have to live on campus?:  All unmarried students (traditional age undergraduates) who have not received prior permission to commute are required to reside on campus in the University’s residence halls as long as space is available. Permission to commute is granted only to those students who will reside with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in their parents’ primary place of residence within a reasonable driving distance from Concord University. Applications for a housing exception should be obtained from, and must be submitted to, the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Applications will be reviewed by the Director of Residence Life and/or a designated committee that will evaluate the evidence of exemption criteria.

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Services for Students with Special Needs or Disabilities (Submitted by Nancy Ellison)

Concord University is committed to working with students with disabilities to assess their needs and to assist with academic accommodations that may be necessary and appropriate due to the disability. The Office of Disability Services assists in the coordination of appropriate services, based on the Student’s individual documented needs. We also seek to enhance understanding of disabilities and provide support within the campus community. Please visit the Disability Services webpage for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The Concord University Office of Disability Services is here to help you! Stop by the office in the Student Center, across from the Campus Post Office, phone 304-384-6086, or email

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Steps to Implementing Authorized Accommodations

Each semester the student will receive a letter for each of his/her instructors authorizing approved disability-based accommodations.

The student should schedule an appointment with the instructor or visit the instructor during office hours to deliver the letter and to discuss which of the authorized accommodations listed on the letter will be needed and how the accommodations will be implemented in that class.

If the student finds that he/she needs additional accommodations to those listed on the letters, the student should immediately make an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator.

If the student finds that he or she requires a previously authorized accommodation that he or she is not currently receiving, he or she should make an appointment to speak with the instructor as soon as possible to make arrangements for implementation of the accommodation. Some accommodations will take time for the instructor to arrange.

If an authorized accommodation that the student has formally requested from the instructor is not being implemented properly, the student should first speak to the instructor about the problem.

If a problem with the accommodations is not resolved after speaking to the instructor, the student should immediately contact the Disability Services Coordinator to discuss the problem.

If the student wishes to file a complaint because he or she feels that he or she has not been appropriately accommodated, the student should contact Dr. Peter Viscusi, Vice President and Academic Dean, at (304) 384-5243.

Follow Up:  All students will be asked to complete a survey from the Office of Disability Services at midterm. This survey will be used to identify students who are not receiving accommodations as needed.

Additional Services for Students with Disabilities:   Students with documented disabilities will be given preferential registration for classes during early registration.
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Student News

From Russia, With Love (Submitted by Dr. Joe Manzo & Dr. Tom Saladyga)

Russian exchange student Anastasiia Vorobeva spent the fall semester of 2014 at Concord University. Anastasiia took classes in Recreation and Tourism—her major—and a geography class. She worked in the Geography department for those three months. While in the U.S., Anastasiia traveled to a Cherokee reservation in North Carolina. She also visited the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC, where she and her fellow students met with the Chief Cartographer for the National Geographic magazine. Ms. Vorobeva and her fellow students also spent time at the museums on the National Mall. Her final excursion while at Concord University was a visit to the University of Georgia for an academic geography meeting. Dr. Roy Ramthun and Dr. Joe Manzo are responsible for translating the spirit of the story that appeared in the Volga State University student newspaper. The story itself speaks to the hospitality, support, and travel she experienced while at Concord University. She notes how welcome our institution made her feel. Upon her return to Russia, Anastasiia finished her undergraduate degree in Tourism Management. She accepted a position in the international office of Volga State University. She is looking forward to her next visit to the United States.

Volga State Student Newspaper article

More Geography Department News

May 11-18 2015: Geography students Chance Raso (’15) and Katie Testerman (’16) assisted Dr. Saladyga in collecting fire-scarred tree samples at Spring Mountain in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania (see Dr. Saladyga’s research at Katie also recorded bird sounds at multiple sites across the study area, which she will use to assess species composition within different forest types. Chance will be starting the graduate program in Geography at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2015.

Katie Testerman (left) and Chance Raso (right)

Bonner Scholars Summer Service (Submitted by Natalie Fields, Bonner Coordinator)

The Bonner Scholars program at Concord University has 27 students completing a Summer of Service during Summer 2015. Each student must complete 280 hours of service in order to meet the summer Bonner requirements. This summer, Bonner Scholars are serving the local community along with serving statewide, nationally and internationally. These students serve at a wide variety of service sites that include non-profit organizations, schools and government agencies. Some of the service sites include: Energy Express, Upward Bound, 4-H, Pipestem State Park, The Appalachian South Folklife Center, Randolph Park, Royal Family Kids Camp, Camp Highroad and Vision Nicaragua. Bonner Scholars serve as Camp Counselors, Program Assistants, Mentors, and a range of other positions that engage students in education, youth enrichment, volunteer management, environmental safety, food service, and community development.

Carli Brewer and Tyler Dotson are two Bonner Scholars who will be going to Nicaragua this summer to serve. They will be hosted by Vision Nicaragua and will have the opportunity to be involved in service that may include medical clinics, working with youth, participating in schools, and visiting with their community.

Other Student News (Submitted by Dr. Kathryn Tucker)

The Summit Bechtel Boy Scout Reserve, north of Beckley, is hosting their RTM internship. Last summer, Weston Keith worked there as an assistant manager for the BMX program. This summer, he is an assistant manager for the downhill mountain bike portion. Weston is training to receive his Level 2 ICP certification.

Weston Keith (far left)

Freshman Convocation (Submitted by Lora Woolwine, Assistant to the President)

This year during Welcome Week, we invite all upper division students to participate in Freshman Convocation by helping to welcome our newest students to campus. The task is simple: we will all line up on either side of the sidewalk from the Carter Center to the Theater and clap as our faculty members usher our newest class of Mountain Lions into the Alexander Fine Arts Theater for Freshmen Convocation. Participating upperclassmen need to arrive at the Carter Center by 2:40pm on the first day of class: August 17, 2015. If you are interested in helping with this new tradition, please contact me ( or Trena Stovall ( to sign up.

For helping us, seniors will receive a Free Senior Year T-Shirt compliments of the President’s Office. All students who volunteer to help are invited to a special reception in the Carter Center immediately following Convocation.

Seniors, when signing up, please don’t forget to tell us your t-shirt size and your cell phone number.

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Concord University Announces Freshmen Send-Off Schedule

Concord University is hosting several Freshmen Send-Offs in July. The send-offs bring incoming students together with current students and CU alumni allowing the freshmen to hear first-hand about the Concord experience.

The inaugural send-off was held last summer for Wyoming County residents at Twin Falls Resort State Park in Mullens, W.Va. CU returns to Twin Falls again this year and adds two new destinations and three new counties to the send-off agenda.

The Wyoming County Freshmen Send-Off will be held Thursday, July 23 at Twin Falls Resort State Park in Mullens at Shelter #2. A Freshmen Send-Off for Greenbrier and Monroe counties is scheduled for Tuesday, July 28 at Ronceverte Island Park in Ronceverte, W.Va. at Shelter #1. The Summers County Freshmen Send-Off is slated for Thursday, July 30 at Pipestem Resort State Park, Pipestem, W.Va. at Picnic Shelter C.

All Send-Offs are being held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. To RSVP or with any questions, please contact the Concord University Alumni Office at or 384-5348.

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Athens-Concord Town Social Announces Theme and Entertainment Lineup

ATHENS, W.Va. – “Athens and Concord University: A Community United” is the theme for the 2015 Athens-Concord Town Social. In its 29th year, the Town Social will be held Sunday, Aug. 16 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Concord’s front lawn.

Historically held the second Sunday in August each year, this longstanding tradition for Concord University and the Town of Athens is taking place on the third Sunday of August for 2015.

Event organizers say the change is being made to open up the yearly gathering to Concord students and their families who will be on campus that day moving into the residence halls for the Fall 2015 semester. The new date will also encourage faculty returning to campus to attend.

Offering a family friendly, small town atmosphere, the Town Social features live musical entertainment, children’s games, free admission and an array of craft vendors and informational displays.

Two popular area musical groups return to the Town Social stage this year. Margo and the Bluegills are back with their “eclectic, rockin, folkin blues” while The Allen Smith Trio will entertain with “classic R&B with a twist of smooth jazz and soul.”

Vendors are invited to set up a booth, free-of-charge, during the social. To reserve a vendor space, contact Sharon Griffee at 304-384-3243 or Pat Edge at 304-384-7709. Reservations may also be made online at: The deadline for vendor reservations is Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

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Concord Night with the Princeton Rays!!

We hope you will join us for Concord Night with the Princeton Rays at Hunnicutt Field on Thursday, August 20th! Wear your CU apparel and receive free admission. All CU students, alumni, faculty and staff are invited!

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Welcome Week 2015!!

Move-In Day/Welcome Week Kick Start

Whether you are new to Concord or returning for another year, we are excited to announce a full schedule of activities for Welcome Week 2015! The schedule below provides an outline of some of the events planned for first-timers and returners. First-time freshmen, be sure to note that Move-In Day is Saturday, August 15th. For our returners, residence hall check-in is Sunday, August 16th. Please note that individual events are subject to change. Please check your email for updates.

Saturday, August 15, 2015
8am-2pm - Starbucks - Jerry & Jean Beasley Student Center Ground Floor
8am-4pm - Student Affairs and Residence Life Office - Student Center 201
8:30am-Midnight - Residence Hall FRESHMEN/NEW STUDENT check-in
9am-4pm - Various Campus Offices

  • Admissions- Marsh Hall 208
  • Business Office- Marsh Hall 227
  • Financial Aid- Marsh Hall 204
  • Libby Alvis Dining Hall - Student Center 204
  • Parking Permits -  (9am-3:30pm)- Rahall Technology Center  105
  • Registrar- Marsh Hall 202
  • Technology- Rahall Technology Center 254
  • Welcome Center- Student Center 205

9am-5pm - Follett Campus Store- Student Center 101
10am-1:30pm - Brunch in the Libby Alvis Dining Hall (student meal plan begins) - Student Center
10am-2pm - SUBWAY Restaurant- Student Center Ground Floor
3pm-3:45pm - Commuter Student Meeting in Subway Sides, Student Center Ground Floor
3pm-3:45pm - Parents Club Meeting , Stateroom , Student Center 2nd Floor
4pm-6pm - Parent Send-Off Reception, Campus Main Lawn
7:30-8:30pm - Residence Hall Meetings
9pm - First Night Welcome, Music by “Beyond Beyond”, with prizes & pizza - Student Center Valley (Subway Stage, Student Center, if rain)

Sunday, August 16, 2015
10am-Midnight - Residence Hall RETURNING STUDENT check-in
10am-4pm - Follett Campus Store- Student Center 101
10:30am-1:30pm - Libby Alvis Dining Hall - Student Center
12:30pm-1pm - Freshmen Meet with CU Welcome Ambassadors
1pm-1:45pm - On-Campus Employment Meeting.   MANDATORY that you attend if interested in on-campus employment, Ballroom, Student Center 3rd Floor
2pm-5pm - “Athens and Concord University: A Community United” Town Social - Campus Front Lawn (meal plan for residential students)
5pm - “Shot of Reality” Alcohol Awareness Program, Main Auditorium , Alexander Fine Arts Center (Required for all University 100 students)
7pm - PLAYFAIR Interactive Community Building Program, Ballroom, Student Center 3rd Floor (Required for all University 100 students)
9pm - “Disorientation” Party with food, prizes, and two live DJs- Subway Stage, Student Center

Monday, August 17, 2015-(Classes Begin)
9am-5pm - Beyond the Wall Huge Poster Sale-Student Center ground floor lobby
3pm - Freshman Convocation (Required for all University 100 students) New students meet in the Carter Center and walk over together to the Main Auditorium, Fine Arts Center- followed by First-Year Tree Planting Ceremony
9pm - Comedian “Corey Rodrigues”- Student Center, Subway Stage

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
9am-5pm - Beyond the Wall Huge Poster Sale- Student Center ground floor lobby
12pm-1pm - Transfer Student Orientation- AB Conference Room, Student Center 3rd Floor
3pm-5pm - CU Community Fair- (Organizations, Fraternities, Sororities, Academic Divisions, and Offices have booths with information, prizes, games, and giveaways) - Ballroom, Student Center 3rd Floor

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
6pm - Freshman Class Picture - (free freshman t-shirt) Fine Arts Center Lawn
(Required for all University 100 students)
7pm - Sex Signals Interactive Dating Program-Main Auditorium, Fine Arts Center
(Required for all University 100 students)
9pm - BIG OUTDOOR MOVIE - Student Center Valley (Ballroom, Student Center 3rd Floor, if rain)

Thursday, August 20, 2015
7pm - CONCORD NIGHT with the Princeton Rays, Hunnicutt Stadium in Princeton, WV.  The Princeton Rays are a Minor League Baseball Affiliate of the MLB Tampa Rays.  Admission is FREE for Concord Students (bring your student ID).  Don’t forget to wear maroon and gray!  Van transportation provided from the Student Center parking lot at 6:00pm (limited seats available)

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Important Phone Numbers

Main Phone: 1-800-344-6679
Academic Success Center: 1-304-384-6074
Admissions: 1-888-384-5249 Or 1-304-384-5248
Beckley Center: 1-304-256-0270
Business Office: 1-304-384-5234
Counseling Center: 1-304-384-5290
Disability Services: 1-304-384-6086
Financial Aid: 1-304-384-6069
Housing: 1-304-384-5231
Police: 1-304-384-5357
Registrar: 1-304-384-5236
Student Affairs: 1-304-384-5256
Student Support Services: 1-304-384-6088

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Give Us Feedback!

Please let us know how you feel about this newsletter, if it is helpful, and any additional information you see fit to include in further editions.

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