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Student Health & Medical


Services Provided:

The Health Center provides basic level medical care for acute minor illness or injury, and the following services (fees required where indicated):
  • PPD tuberculin testing (fee)
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Weight monitoring
  • Loan of medical equipment: crutches or wheelchairs (fee if not returned)
  • West Virginia Family Planning Services
  • Testing and treatment of some sexually transmitted diseases
  • Community referrals for more extensive medical needs
  • Sexual assault counseling and referral
  • Throat cultures for strep infections
  • Emergency contraception - Plan B (morning-after pill)
  • Self-care center
  • Pregnancy tests

All students must present:

  • a current validated Concord University ID
  • medical card
  • current medical insurance information
  • physical examinations and immunization reports prior to enrollment.
Accidents or serious illnesses that occur during hours when the Student Health Center is closed are referred to the emergency room at Princeton Community Hospital (approximately eight miles from campus), which provides 24-hour emergency services. All students receiving medical care from local providers must assume the responsibility of payment directly to the physician or hospital from personal funds or through their hospitalization programs.
Keeping Fit
Did you know that Concord has an excellent fitness center right on campus for free?
The Concord University Fitness Center is located next to the lobby in North Towers.
It is free to all students.
There is a variety of equipment to keep you in shape.
The center is open in the mornings, throughout the day, and into the evenings.
Phone: 304-384-6275
Reproductive Health
Concord University Student Health Center is a certified participant in the West Virginia Family Planning Program (WVFPP). Services provided through this program are free of charge; enrollment is required.

Available Birth Control Methods:
Male and Female Condoms Micranor
Depo: Hormone Injection Ortho Cyclen
Nuvaring Ortho Novum 777
Vaginal film and foam Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo 28
Oral contraceptives Ortho Tri-Cyclen 28
Microgestin FE 1/20 LoOvral
Emergency contraception (Plan B) is available at the Health Center. Call for more information.

The WVFPP, with the Health Center, provide annual examinations for pap smear and gynecological check-ups. In the event of pregnancy, referrals are made to local providers or the student's own healthcare provider. Concord University does not offer pre-natal care.
Other Area Resources
Athens Medical Center: 304-384-7325
Princeton Community Hospital: 304-487-7000
Princeton MedExpress Urgent Care: 304-425-7615
The Behavioral Health Pavilion of the Virginias (Psychiatry): 304-325-4673; 24-Hour Crisis Services/Inpatient Referral 304-325-4681, Outpatient Services 304-327-9205 
Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center: Crisis Line – 304-425-0122 or 1-800-615-0122 
Raleigh General Hospital: 304-256-4100
Beckley Hospital - Appalachian Regional Healthcare: 304-255-3000
Summers County- Appalachian Regional Healthcare: 304-466-1000
Affordable Care Act Information
Please click on the link below for useful information for students and their families regarding recent health care changes and insurance options.

Here's where:


Student Health Center

Wooddell Hall, First Floor
Telephone: 304-384-6355
Monday - Thursday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Friday, 8:30am - 12:00pm
(Open to students on days that classes are in session)

Walk-in availability beginning Sept. 1, 2019.

Emergency Numbers:

In case of serious emergency: 911
Princeton Community Hospital: 304-487-7000
Princeton Rescue Squad (ambulance): 304-425-3914


David Campbell, Ph.D., Director of Medical Services, Department Chair / Professor of Health Education 

Ruthie Rhodes, Physician's Assistant

Jennifer Stull, RN