Field Education

Field Education

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are we doing for others? ~Martin Luther King. Jr. 

Concord University Grant HouseField Instruction is an integral part of the social work education curriculum. It engages the student in a supervised practice activity providing opportunities for the student to apply knowledge, values, and skills in relation to identified client needs, agency purpose, and social sanctions. As students learn from their social work placements, the knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired from all areas of the curriculum are translated into accountable performance and professional competence.

Students will be provided with a generalist experience in their field placement agency. This means the student will have a field placement that will include working at the micro (individual), mezzo (family and groups), and macro (organizations and communities) levels of intervention. Assignments at each of these levels of practice are intended to help the student to integrate theory into practice.

The students will demonstrate responsibility for their own learning process by participating in the development of a learning contract with their agency-based field instructor. The primary relationship between field instructor and student intern is supported by an assigned faculty liaison who visits the agency during field placement an average of two times per semester. Students will also have journals and assignments due. Students will be expected to participate in online chat and adobe connect or face-to-face seminars. Students enrolled in the field practicum are also expected to participate in the Field Fair held on campus during the fall and spring semesters.


Contact Information

For more information about Social Work Field Education contact:

Shawn Allen 
Director of Field Education
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Division of Social Sciences
Office: Marsh Hall, Room A213
Telephone #: 304-384-5299
E-mail Address:


Field Education Downloads

To learn more about how field education affords students the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in a social service agency with clients and community members download the Field Instruction Manuals below for the BSW and MSW programs at Concord. These extensive documents outline the general policies and procedures of the field instruction component of the Concord University Master of Social Work Program. The content is intended to guide the field instruction but is not expected to replace the regular ongoing interaction of all concerned parties associated with a successful field placement. For those currently enrolled in the Social Work Program, the Application for Field Instruction is also available.

BSW Field Education

Download BSW Field Instruction Manual Button
BSW Field Instruction Manual (PDF)

BSW Field Instruction Application

Download BSW Field Instruction Application Button
BSW Field Instruction Application (PDF)

MSW Field Education

Download MSW Field Instruction Manual Button
MSW Field Instruction Manual (PDF)

MSW Field Practicum Application

Download MSW Field Practicum Application Button
MSW Field Practicum Application (PDF)

MSW Application for Field Education as an Employee (PDF)

Download-Button.jpg MSW Application for Field Education as an Employee (ONLINE)


Field Eduction Placement Organizations

Below are links to some of the companies and agencies where our students receive their field placement.