Concord Social Work Organization

Concord Social Work Organization

Concord Social Work Organization 2013-2014 Officers

CSWO 2016-2017 Officers

Tara Waller

Karli Plumley

SGA Representative
Madison Sanders

Vice President
​Ricki Nicole Smith

​Madison Sanders

Karli Plumley

Dr. Joan Pendergast

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Once you are admitted into the Social Work program, you are invited to become a member of the Concord University Social Work Organization (CSWO). CSWO combines fun and fellowship with service and governance. CSWO is a service based organization that strives to 'be the change' and seeks members who have a passion to help our community, our college, and our nation.

This student organization was formed in 1975 and has been officially recognized as a Campus organization since 1976. The primary purpose of the organization is to give the students an opportunity to organize on their behalf.

There are many opportunities to become involved in the CSWO. Leadership positions and committee memberships are always encouraged. Some ways the students in this organization participate include:

  • Serving on the Curriculum Committee, which acts in an advisory capacity in the Social Work Department
  • Participating in service projects and fundraisers
  • Attending conferences together
  • Playing a role in governance of the campus community by working with the Student Government Organization

For meeting dates and times, visit the CSWO Facebook page.

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 Concord Social Work Organization By-Laws (PDF)

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