Sociology FAQ

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Q: When can I register for classes?

A: Registration dates are available each semester on the Concord Academic Planning Calendar. Generally seniors register first and freshman last, and specific dates will be available by the middle of the semester.

Q: If I want to register online, where do I get my PIN?

A: Your advisor has your PIN.

Q: If I major in Sociology do I need to have a minor?

A: Not necessarily. If you take ONLY the classes required for General Studies and the Sociology major, you will still need 20-30 credit hours to meet the required 120 hour minimum needed to graduate. We recommend you use those elective hours to complete a minor. This could be one of the minors listed in the catalog or it could be a set of classes that you and your advisor select. If you are a double-major, you do not need a minor.

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Q: What math classes do I need?

A: You need two math classes for General Studies. Sociology requires you to have MATH 105. MATH 103 is a prerequisite for MATH 105. If you take these two math classes you will fulfill the requirements for both General Studies and Sociology.

Q: Can I substitute Behavioral Statistics for MATH 105?

A: Yes, we will accept Behavioral Statistics for the Sociology major, but it does not fulfill the General Studies math requirement. You still need two math classes for General Studies.

Q: What is the D/F Forgiveness Rule?

A: If you earn a D or F in any course taken before you earn 60 hours, you can repeat the course. The grade you earn when you repeat the class will be used to determine your GPA. In other words, the original D or F will no longer be calculated into your GPA. However, the original grade will not be deleted from your transcript.

Q: How does the Foreign language substitution rule work?

A: Six hours of the same foreign language can be substituted for up to two General studies courses. Foreign language courses can only be substituted for ONE General Studies course per Academic Division.

  • If you did NOT take a foreign language in high school, you can substitute the 101-102 courses
  • If you took one year of foreign language in high-school, you must take 102 and a higher level course
  • If you took two or more years of foreign language in high school, you must take 201 and a higher level course