Campus Wireless

Two primary wireless networks are used and supported by IT Services, CUPUBLIC and CUSECURE.  In the residence halls, the wireless networks wilsonlobby, wilsonrec, sarvaylobby, NorthTowers, SouthTowers, wooddellstudy and wooddelllobby are provided and maintained by the Residential Life Office.

All other wireless networks should be avoided and could be used to steal your personal information.

  • CUPUBLIC provides an open, unsecure connection for guests and friends of CU and cannot be used to connect to shared resources or network connected devices.  After connecting to CUPUBLIC you must read and accept the Terms of Service before you can proceed.
  • CUSECURE provides the highest secure, encrypted connection using WPA2 and 802.1x authentication and is required to access any campus shared resource or connected devices.  It is available for students, staff, and faculty.

Using CUSECURE requires a small setup on your notebook before using, you may use the configuration software provided below which will automatically config your notebook for use on CUSECURE (see note) or you may use the tutorials provided below for manual configuration, choose based on your operating system or device:

Note: The configuration software may not work properly on some setups, use the tutorials and manual configuration in these cases.

Configuration Software

Tutorials For Manual Configuration

Rogue Wireless Devices
To maintain the security of our wireless network we do not allow personal access points and wireless routers to be used.  The use of such devices can be detected and will be disabled if shown to be a threat.

Requesting Wireless Service 
If you require wireless access and are in an area of campus not currently covered, please contact the helpdesk at x5291 to request service for your area.  Note we have limited expansion capability.

Campus Wireless Policy (pdf)