Mailing Lists

Also called distribution lists or a listserv is a single e-mail address that contains the e-mail addresses of all its subscribers. When any one person sends an e-mail message to (or replies to) that single address, everyone on the list receives a copy of the message. This makes listserv lists an ideal tool for discussions, whether they are simply covering local topics within the University or specific topics of interest among the list members. Lists are email-based and can function as announce only, moderated, or as a simple discussion list.

Concord's lists may be accessed through email or by web at

Requesting a new list

Lists are available to faculty, staff, and student organizations of Concord only.  Student organizations or groups must have their staff or faculty advisors request the list.

To request a new mailing list please place a workorder to the IT Helpdesk by calling 304-384-5291 or emailing  Please include information such as what name to call the new list and who should have post permission to the list. A list administrator will contact you after the list has been created.

Registering Your List Password 

Your list password allows you to work with your lists through the web interface or by email.
It's optional for list subscribers to manage their subscriptions, list owners must register to manage their lists.

Click here to register a list password (create an account).                                                                    

Please keep the following in mind regarding list passwords:

  • As a list subscriber, the email address associated with your password must correspond to the email
    address used to subscribe you to lists, if you wish to manage your subscriptions through the web.
  • As a list owner, the email address associated with your password must correspond to the email used
    when your list was created, if you wish to manage a list through the web.
  • Registering a password does not necessarily allow you to post to or maintain a list unless
    authorized by the lists administrator or list owner.

Brief Tutorial for List Owners

After registering your password, log in to your lists account here or by clicking LOG IN from the main page at After logging in you will notice several menu items along the top to choose from,  you can quickly view, add or remove subscribers by clicking LIST MANAGEMENT -> LIST DASHBOARD, this will show you all the lists you own, here you can click CONFIGURE under the list name to change settings for that list or click VIEW under the subscribers column to see a list of all the list subscribers.  In addition, you can add and delete subscribers by clicking LIST MANAGEMENT -> SUBSCRIBER MANAGEMENT, this will let you add single subscribers or subscribers in bulk (using a plain text file, one address per line).

You can also still use email commands like ADD and DELETE and REVIEW to manage subscribers, for example:

Compose an email to (this email must come from a list owners email address)
Leave the subject blank, in the body of the email put the command:
ADD listname emailaddress full_name  (example: ADD newhires John Doe)  use first name and last name only or use an * if you don’t know the full name
DELETE listname emailaddress
REVIEW listname  (for a quick list of all subscribers on that list)

You can read more about managing lists through email here or the entire list owners manual here
In the upper right corner of each page on the web interface there is a ? help icon for help with items on that page.

POSTING - To post a message to a list address the email to
Note: do not use

Manuals and References

  • List Subscriber Manual
    This manual is intended for new list subscribers with little or no experience using listserv software.
  • List Owners Manual
    This manual is intended for list owners to maintain their lists.