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Office 365

Concord University has partnered with Microsoft to offer Office 365 to enrolled students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Office 365 provides email, calendar, online document editing, document storage, and other features that includes 50Gb of mail storage and 1Tb of document storage via OneDrive. Students are given accounts upon acceptance and given access to MS Office ProPlus for their enrollment period.  Office 365 is also available to our Faculty, Staff and Alumni, see below for more information. You may access your Office 365 account from the MyCU portal at or directly at

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Office 365 ProPlus             

Available to enrolled students (and now active faculty and staff). Concord has joined Microsoft's Student Advantage Program where enrolled students at CU can download and install the latest full copy of Microsoft Office for windows or mac on up to five machines as well as run the iPhone or Android editions of Office Mobile.  Here is how it works:

  • Students enrolled at Concord are licensed and eligible to download and use the full version of Microsoft Office for as long as they are an enrolled student at CU.  If you do not return to CU (excluding summer terms) or graduate from CU your license to use Office is removed, this is per Microsoft's licensing terms.  When the license is removed you will see 'Your subscription has expired' in about 24 hours and Office will enter a 'reduced functionality mode' which means you may only do basic functions like view, print and basic editing. 
    Note: It is important that the machines Office are installed on have internet access as Office will contact the licensing site periodically to verify your license status, if it cannot contact the site within a short period of time it will deactivate and enter 'reduced functionality mode'.
  • To install Office, students login to their Office 365 account at    Important Note:  If you already have Office 2016 installed on your PC you may not need to install this version of Office, you already have the same software we are providing you.  If you have a trial version of Office or want to upgrade from an older version you have, it is highly recommended that you first uninstall all current versions of Office from your machine, restart, then proceed with the Office installation. Uninstalling current versions of Office first will help prevent installation and usage problems with Office.
  • To Install: 
    - at the top right of the page, click the Settings gear icon
    - next click Office 365 under My App Settings.
    - next click Software (Install software)
    select a language then click the Install button.  
    Office 2016 will download and install in the background.  If you do not see a Settings option (looks like a gear wheel) in your account you may be viewing the 'Light' version of Outlook Web App, Office cannot be installed from this mode, see the FAQ below for instructions on enabling normal viewing mode.
    Note: Office installs the 32-bit version by default even if your computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows, this is recommended by Microsoft.  You may choose the 64-bit version of Office but only do so if required by other software.  
    Troubleshooting Your Installation:  If during the installation of Office you get a "Something went wrong..." error follow the link for more information.  Or, if you get some other error, see General troubleshooting for installing Office 2016 and Office 365.
  • You can install Office on up to five computers that you use.  On the sixth attempt to install you will get a message that you need to deactivate a current installation before installing another, you may manage your installations from the Office > Software page.
  • Office 2016 Training Tutorials can help you get started learning your new Office installation: 

                     1)  Office Application Training
                     2)  Office Quickstart Guides

Frequently Asked Questions
:   What is Office 365 ProPlus for Students?
A:   Office 365 ProPlus for Students is a software subscription available via a partnership between Concord University and Microsoft’s Student Advantage Program to provide the full version of Microsoft Office to current students at no cost for their enrollment period.​
Q:   Can I get Office 365 ProPlus for Students?
A:   Yes you can, when you enroll at Concord you are automatically assigned an Office 365 account and a license that allows you to download and use Office on up to five of your machines, windows or mac.  There are also mobile versions available.​
Q:   How do I download it?
A:   To install Office, login to your Office 365 account at  At the top right of the page click the Settings icon then click Office 365 Settings then click Software.  On the Office page select a language then click Install.  Your version of OS will automatically be detected and Office will download and install in the background. 
Q:   What if I don't see a Settings icon anywhere in my account? 
A:   You may be using the 'Light' version of Outlook Web App. You will not be able to download Office in the light version of OWA.  The light version includes fewer features, has a different layout and is used for slow connections or other accessibility issues.  It's also called 'Mobile Mode' since some tablets and phones cannot display the full version of some sites.  To disable light mode and return to normal mode, using a PC:  Click Options then Outlook Web App Version on the left sidebar and uncheck the setting Use the light version of Outlook Web App, click Save then logoff and back on your account again, you will now be in normal mode and Settings is now available to continue the Office install.
Q:   How long can I use Office 365 ProPlus for Students?
A:   Your license permits you to use Office as long as you remain an enrolled student at Concord University.  Upon graduation your license will be removed.  If you do not graduate and fail to enroll for the following semester (summer is not counted) then your license will be removed after the start of classes for that semester.
Q:   What happens when my license is removed?
A:   When your license is removed all your installations of Office will display a ‘Your Subscription Has Expired’ message and Office will enter a reduced functionality mode.  This means you may only open, print, and do basic editing of your documents.  You will not lose any documents created and at this point you may purchase your own license to continue using Office or you may uninstall it.
Q:   How can I get more information about Office 365 ProPlus for Students?
A:   You can visit this Support Page or you can contact the IT Helpdesk at (304) 384-5291 or


Office 365 for Alumni

Concord University is pleased to now provide all graduates an email address.  This is in addition to their student address they used during their course work at CU, which will remain active as long as you show activity on the account.  Use of the alumni email address will distinguish individuals as having graduated from CU and will be used to keep a long lasting relationship with Concord University and also serve as a source of pride for earning a degree from CU.  This account provides the same features the student account has and includes the same 50Gb of mail storage and 1Tb of document storage with OneDrive. Your account is automatically created for you upon graduation from Concord University. You may access your Alumni Office 365 account by going to and you can configure Office 365 on your mobile devices by using the same tutorials provided for your student account (see above).  You may also take advantage of the Connected Accounts feature of Office 365 to connect your student and personal accounts to your alumni account and make it your single point of email.  Previous graduates can apply for an account by completing this request form.


Information And Support

  • If you have questions or problems concerning your Concord Office 365 account please call the Concord IT Helpdesk at 304-384-5291 or email