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CourseWeb is a web application that can be accessed from desktop or mobile browsers.  You can access: 

  • Class rosters with student photos and contact information
  • Communicate with students individually or class-wide
  • Manage course syncing with Blackboard
  • See what other classes your students are taking and from what other instructors
  • Attendance tracking

How to Use

  1. Logging In & selecting an application
  2. The Course Panel
    1. Selecting an instructor and term code
    2. Viewing course enrollment and student information
    3. Integrated E-mail
    4. Attendance Tracking
    5. Exporting to Excel or Moodle
    6. Importing Courses & Students into Blackboard
      1. Asynchronous, Synchronous and Hybrid Web
      2. On-campus Courses
  3. Logging Out
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Logging in & selecting an application

  1. Visit from your desktop or mobile browser:login.JPG
  2. Enter your MyCU domain username and password and click Login.
  3. If you've been an advisor or currently have advisees, then you'll be prompted to select the Course Panel or the Legacy Advising Module.  Otherwise, you will be moved directly into the CourseWeb Course Panel:

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The Course Panel

Selecting an instructor and term code

  1. Click the Instructor drop-down menu to select an instructor.  A year of last activity is display as (YYYY) for each instructor.  This year represents the last time this instructor taught a course or advised students.
  2. Select a Term code from the drop-down menu.  Fall terms are in red, Spring in blue, and Summer terms in yellow.  Each term description is preceded by the appropriate academic year. 
  3. Your query will automatically be executed after an Instructor and Term have been selected.

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Viewing Course Enrollment and Student Information

  1. After your Instructor/Term information have been selected and when enrollment data exists, you'll see the course/enrollment information for all courses.
  2. The Course Header displays the Course Title, Section, CRN, Total Enrollment, Building Location, and Meeting Date/Times.  
  3. The student photo is also presented.  The photo is dynamically updated as soon as IDs are created.
  4. Additional student data such as ID, Name, and Major are also shown
  5.  You can interact with the student using the E-mail and Phone number listed.  
  6. You can also view the student's FERPA Release if one exists by clicking Information Release.

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Integrated E-mail

You can e-mail individual students or batch e-mail the entire class.  This feature is available to all Faculty/Staff logging in.  Course instructors are always carbon copied (CC'd) on any message that originates from CourseWeb for their courses.  CourseWeb handles all e-mail internally and does NOT require an e-mail client be installed and/or setup.

To e-mail an individual student, select the E-mail link under the Interact column.

To e-mail the entire class, select the E-mail Class button at the footer of the course.

Both methods will open a pop-up e-mail box with the To, From, CC, and Subject fields pre-populated.  The message body is also pre-populated with the optional text "Sent from CourseWeb."


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Attendance Tracking

Tracking a students attendance can assist in instructor organization, improve billing and reporting processes, and ultimately enhance the student experience.  The functionality has been integrated into CourseWeb to provide easy access to maintain attendance data.

In order to track your student's attendance, you must be logged into CourseWeb with Course Keyholder status.  Course Keyholder status is only granted to those users who are logged in and viewing their own courses.  You cannot have Course Keyholder status while viewing another instructor's courses.

You'll notice you have Course Keyholder status when the Key icon is included in your Course Header:

You'll indicate a students Last Date of Attendance using the fields under Attendance Tracking:

After you have selected a date, click Save and the date information will be saved.

You can now see the saved date.  Notice how the Last Date of Attendance fields are now disabled

If you have made an error in your selection and need to fix the data under Last Date of Attendance, please contact the Help Desk at (304) 384-5291 or

Important criteria for managing Last Date of Attendance

  • You MUST have Course Keyholder status to update the Last Date of Attendance
  • You must select a date within the Course Start and End Dates.  CourseWeb will not allow you to save a Last Date of Attendance outside of the course instruction dates. 
  • Your selected date must also be for a current Course.  You cannot change the Last Date of Attendance for a course outside of the current term (based on the current date, not the selected term in your query).

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Exporting to Excel or Moodle

Sometime it may be necessary to export your data to Excel for advanced processing or to interface with external applications, such as Moodle.  To accomplish this, you'll use the green Excel Export and Moodle Export buttons at the top of the Course Panel.

You'll file will be generated immediately after you click the appropriate button.  When it is ready, you'll be redirected to the file download screen.  Click the HERE link to begin downloading your file.

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Importing Courses & Students to Blackboard

Asynchronous, Synchronous, and Hybrid Web

There are many asynchronous, synchronous, and hybrid-web courses that leverage the Blackboard LMS as a key part of instruction.  These courses will now be automatically created and imported into Blackboard 21 days before a semester begins.  Students will be continually ADDED to Blackboard as they register.  Students WILL NOT be removed from Blackboard as part of this process.

You can determine whether your course is part of the nightly automated Blackboard import by the status box at the footer for each course:

Automating Blackboard Imports for Courses not coded *AS, *SY, *HW

There are many courses that offer traditional on-campus instruction that is complimented by a Blackboard component.  These courses can also begin to automatically import into Blackboard using the following instructions.

  1. Login to CourseWeb and ensure that you have the Course Keyholder status for your courses.  You can see this by the key icon on the Course Header.
  2. Scroll to the footer of the course and click the Activate Blackboard Auto Import button to have this course automatically created in Blackboard and have students automatically be imported as they register.
  3. After clicking the Activate Blackboard Auto Import button, you should be given the following success message:
  4. Now you should notice the Blackboard Auto Import: ON status in the footer section of your course.

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Logging Out

Use the Logout button at the top right to logout of CourseWeb:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard Import

  • How often are courses/students synced from CourseWeb to Blackboard?
    This process occurs every 3 hours for the first week of the semester, after that it will complete once nightly.  You only need to activate a course for import ONCE.  It will continue automatically thereafter.
  • When will the auto-import process begin for a new term?
    Courses will begin to be created and students imported 21 days before the official term start date.  The import process will stop on the official term end date.  Courses will need to be activated for every term they are offered.
  • Are there any courses that are exempt from the auto-import into Blackboard?
    Yes.  The Division of Sciences, Mathematics, and Health and sub-departments are excluded from the auto-import process.  This is to avoid confusion with students who are enrolled in a course that is utilizing Moodle over Blackboard.  Instructors of these courses can still manually start the Blackboard import using the “Activate Blackboard Auto Import” from CourseWeb.
  • Will a student be removed from Blackboard if they drop or withdraw from a course and no longer show in CourseWeb?
    Absolutely not.  The import process is restricted to adding courses/students into Blackboard and cannot delete or remove information from Blackboard
  • I have accidentally clicked “Activate Blackboard Auto Import,” how do I turn it back off?
    Because of the sensitivity of the syncing process, please contact the IT Help Desk at 304.384.5291 or at to make this change.  Our team will need to manually intervene to ensure that the import is turned off cleanly.
  • My course is displaying “Blackboard Auto Import: ON” but I do not see it in Blackboard.  Why is this?
    The new Blackboard import process is designed to interface with the new Blackboard instance:  Course WILL NOT be imported into

Advising Module

  • Can I still access the Advising feature of CourseWeb?
    If you are an advisor or have had advisees in the past then you can still view the Advisee portion of CourseWeb.  You’ll be prompted to select the Course Panel or the CourseWeb Legacy Advising Module once logged in. 

    If you are a staff member and not an advisor then you’ll need to use Banner to view Advisees.  You can in the short term still use CourseWeb Legacy at


  • Can I send an attachment using the integrated CourseWeb E-mail?
    Attachments aren't currently supported within CourseWeb.  If you'd like to send an attachment then it is recommended to upload your file to OneDrive and then copy the link into the course message.  Directions for this can be found here.

    You can also use the "Send using Microsoft Outlook" button to launch a new message window in Outlook.  This requires that Microsoft Outlook be installed and properly setup.

    You can also use the "Send using Mail app" link to send using other mail applications that expect comma-seperated address.
  • What if a student doesn't have an e-mail address listed in CourseWeb, will they receive a copy of my course message?
    No.  A student must have an e-mail address defined in order to be included in all course messages.


  • Can I print my class rosters to a printer?
    Certainly!  If you would like photos to be included, you must make certain that you've scrolled through your courses and allowed every photo to load before attempting to print.  Only the loaded photos will be printed. 

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