Using Message Encryption

Email Message Encryption

Email encryption is the process by which your email message is encoded (scrambled) so that only an authorized recipient can decode and view the information. It is highly recommended to use email encryption to protect any sensitive information from being seen by the wrong people. Office 365 allows users to send and receive encrypted email as easily as regular email.  

Office Message Encryption (OME)

  • Used to send encrypted email to people inside or outside your organization. It supports any platform and destination email address.
  • OME is simple to use and is triggered using a keyword in the subject line of your message. Click the link below for instructions. 
  • To view encrypted messages, recipients can either get a one-time passcode, sign-in with a microsoft account, or sign in with a work account associated with Office 365.  Recipients can also send encrypted replies, responses continue to be encrypted throughout the duration of the thread.
  • Apps are available to view encrypted emails for Android and IOS
  • Encrypted email sent with OME is fully HIPAA compliant.
  • How to Send an Encrypted Email Message

For assistance or questions about message encryption contact the IT Helpdesk at x5291.