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Concord University is proud to welcome all Veterans.  We have big plans for the 2017-2018 academic year and will be updating this page as more information comes available.

All enrolled Veterans please note our Veteran Benefits Certifying Official is Ms. Teresa Frey.  Her contact information is below.

Join us in the Veterans Lounge located in the south end of the Rahall Technology Center, atrium, on the second floor.  All enrolled Veterans have access to the lounge.  Contact Ms. Frey or Mr. Elliott (contact info is below) for the combination to the door.  The lounge contains a library of textbooks, a kitchen with plenty of coffee and refreshments, restroom, three computers, wide-screen television, and comfortable furniture.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?  Send us an email at one of the links below.

Upcoming Events of Interest:

Date Event Description

April 4, 2018   

Gold Star Spouses Day

Gold Star Spouses Day is an opportunity for the U.S. Army to honor the surviving husbands and wives of fallen Soldiers
April 14, 2018 Air Force Reserves Birthday  The Air Force Reserve started April 14th, 1948 by the order of President Harry S. Truman. It was initially meant to be a 'Stand By' force to augment the Active Air Force in times of need. That mission soon changed and evolved into what the Air Reserve is today.

April 23, 2018

Army Reserves Birthday

The Army Reserve was founded April 23, 1908, when Congress authorized the Army to establish a Medical Reserve Corps, the official predecessor of the Army Reserve.



Ms. Teresa Frey
RBA Academic Advisor and Veteran Benefits Certifying Official
Fax 304-384-5990
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Mr. Chuck Elliott
Veterans Committee Chair and VPIT/CIO
CWO3, USN (Retired)
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