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ATHENS, WV – Each year, the Concord University Alumni Association (CUAA) presents awards to alumni for outstanding professional achievements, community service, and dedication to their alma mater. The four individuals receiving awards for 2023 were announced on October 13 at the CU After Hours event held at University Point during Homecoming week.

The 2023 CUAA Awards recipients are: Trey Lockhart, Young Alumnus Award; Dr. Susan Williams, Outstanding Alumnus; Glenn and Sandra Lowe, Golden Alumnus; Amanda Revels, Alumnus the of the Year.

Trey Lockhart ‘16, Young Alumnus Award

Young Alumnus 2023, Trey Lockhart ‘16 pictured with Blake Farmer, Director of Alumni and Donor Relations

Trey Lockhart began his post-secondary education at Concord University after being named a four-year member of Concord’s Classic Upward Bound Program. While at Concord, he was a member of the Bonner Scholars Program, President of the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation, and served as Community Service Chair of the Blue Key Honor Society, all while completing his Bachelor of Science in Biology.

After graduating in the spring of 2016, Trey spent a year teaching 8th grade mathematics and coaching multiple sports before being accepted into the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy. While in pharmacy school, Trey was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver that left him hospitalized for forty-one days. Determined to finish with his class, he persevered, and completed the pharmacy doctorate program, walking with his class in the spring of 2021.

Trey would venture out to Idaho, where he worked as an inpatient clinical pharmacist. Although Trey left West Virginia, his love for the state and its people created a desire to give back to the place that built him. He founded a non-profit organization, More LIFE, to help inform, educate and mentor the youth of McDowell County about career and educational opportunities.

In the spring of 2023, Trey returned to West Virginia. A native of Iaeger in McDowell County, he now resides in Scott Depot, WV. He works as a clinical pharmacist for Charleston Area Medical Center.

Dr. Susan Williams ‘91, Outstanding Alumnus Award

Outstanding Alumnus 2023, Dr. Susan Williams ‘91 pictured with Blake Farmer, Director of Alumni and Donor Relations

In 1991, Susan knew she wanted to give back to her home and college. Susan attributes her CU professors and staff for her professional growth over the years. As a first-generation college student, Susan flourished under their mentorship and encouragement. Their commitment fostered Susan’s loyalty and love for all things Concord.

After a career in marketing and tourism development, Susan returned to CU as a Resident Director in Wilson Hall while she finished her master’s degree. Her mission as a Resident Director was to transform the dorms into a fun, welcoming residential experience. Wilson Hall quickly became a thriving hub of community and college life.

Then, after finishing her master’s degree, Susan was honored to grow with Concord once again. In addition to managing a residence hall, Susan was invited to be an adjunct professor. This experience, along with encouragement from faculty and then-president Dr. Beasley, empowered Susan to complete a Ph.D. As one of the only heritage tourism development scholars in the nation, Susan considered herself fortunate to have the opportunity to return to CU not only to practice her passion, but also continue to work with students.

Over the past 18 years, Dr. Williams has continually mentored and encouraged CU students along their educational journey, regardless of their major. She works tirelessly to incorporate intriguing, hands-on projects into her classes and is known for field trips and community service. Susan often collaborates with other professors or programs on campus to create meaningful classroom experiences, such as student marketing projects to bring activities to campus or to increase attendance at campus events. As the Director of CU Beckley, Susan founded the “Pay It Backward” program with a local high school, where CU students returned to their alma mater to mentor high schoolers. Dr. Williams sits on the Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce Education Committee and participates in WV State Department’s Get a Life Program in both Mercer and Raleigh counties. She is a prolific volunteer with Mercer County 4-H and has even started a club here at Concord, the Mercer Mountain Lions. Whether she is inspiring future, or uplifting current students, Susan personifies Concord’s commitment to the region, the community and its youth.

Glenn and Sandra Lowe ’66 & ‘68, CUAA Golden Alumnus

Golden Alumnus 2023, Glenn ’66 & Sandra ’68 Lowe pictured with Blake Farmer, Director of Alumni and Donor Relations

Glenn Lowe, a 1966 accounting graduate, and Sandra Lowe, a 1968 education graduate, have been steadfast advocates and supporters of Concord for several decades. During their time at Concord they became involved on campus – Glenn was a member of the Phi Delta Phi Fraternity and Sandra was a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. While Sandra was completing her degree requirements with student teaching, Glenn began serving the nation as he was drafted in 1966 to the United States Army. Upon completion of Basic Training, Glenn chose to extend his tour of duty and entered the United States Army Officer Candidate School located at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After graduation and promotion to Second Lieutenant he was assigned to the Eighth Army in Korea.

Prior to departing for his duty station in Korea, he and Sandra were married in 1967. Sandra began her teaching career in Fairfax County, VA in 1968 where she taught elementary. After moving to Roanoke, VA in 1969, she became a substitute teacher while raising their two sons, Glenn (a 1992 Concord graduate) and Preston. Sandra’s outstanding career in elementary education spanned across 20 years. She was involved in the Parent Teachers Association and was the recipient of the VA PTA Life Member Pin. In 1972 Glenn completed his obligations with the Army Reserve, he was discharged as a captain in the Armed Forces of the United States. Following his time in service, Glenn began a successful 20 year-long career in accounting that ranged from several positions from Accounting Supervisor to Vice President of Finance.

Glenn and Sandra have been actively involved with Concord since 1988 and have remained faithful alumni to their alma mater. They are Lifetime Members of the CUAA and members of the Cornerstone Society with the CU Foundation. The Lowes have also been instrumental in the success of Concord University Foundation Dinners in the Roanoke area throughout the years as well as the Greenbrier Dinners. They established the Glenn and Sandra Lowe Family Scholarship which has since helped over 20 students studying in the fields of accounting/finance and elementary education. Aside from their scholarship, they have also been longtime supporters of The Concord Fund and special projects such as the Anderson Family Theatre renovation.

Amanda Revels ‘04, CUAA Alumnus of the Year

Alumnus of the Year 2023, Amanda Revels ‘04 pictured with Blake Farmer, Director of Alumni and Donor Relations

Amanda Revels, a native of Winston-Salem, NC, is a 2004 graduate of Concord with a degree in PE & Health Education. During her time at Concord she was a member of the Cheerleading Squad from 1998-2002. Under the leadership of Coach Lisa Blankenship, they finished 3rd in the Nation at the UCA National College Cheerleading Championship in 2001 as well as 3rd in the State at the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WVIAC) Competition that same year. A personal accomplishment for Amanda was also being named to the WVIAC All-Conference Cheerleading Team in 2001.

Aside from being a cheerleader, if you know Amanda, you know that she is a proud alumna of Concord’s Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. During her time in ASA as a student she represented the organization during Homecoming in 2002 and was Greek Goddess during Greek Week in 2002. Her time as a student was spent serving the community with her sorority in several different capacities. Professionally, Amanda has worked for Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist for 19 years in which she is currently the Workforce Management System Analyst.

Amanda has remained close to her Concord roots since she graduated. She is currently in her second year of serving as the Chapter Advisor for the Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Pi Chapter at Concord. She is also in her third year serving on the Concord University Alumni Association Council. Amanda has been a proud advocate and supporter of the university since she stepped foot off this campus in 2004. She embodies the spirit and energy that truly exemplifies what it means to be a Mountain Lion.


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The winners of the 2023 Concord University Alumni Association (CUAA) awards