Substance Use Studies

What is Substance Use Studies?

Many people in the United States either misuse drugs or use them frequently. This applies to all kinds of drugs—alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, cocaine, etc. Some people, though not all, who misuse drugs do so to the point where they develop what is medically known as a Substance Use Disorder. This is a way of noting that a person might have challenges in controlling the frequency and amount of drugs used. Substance Use Studies aims to teach students about topics surrounding drug misuse, such as: how the brain plays a role in drug use, who is at a higher risk for a Substance Use Disorder, how drug misuse can impact personal relationships, and how to help people treat Substance Use Disorders. This major may be a good fit for people interested in multiple topics, including psychology, social work, medicine/nursing, physical therapy, etc.

The major is planned to begin in Fall 2023. If you are interested in this major, check the Academic Catalog for more details on the courses offered for the major.