Office of Student Affairs

Welcome to Concord University and the Office of Student Affairs! Student Affairs has the major responsibility for student life at Concord University. Facilities, programs, and services within the Office are designed to extend and enhance the academic curriculum. Student Affairs works to facilitate the personal development of an increasingly diversified student body. The Office of Student Affairs encourages each student to become involved in the process of his or her own education, development, and personal growth.

Concord University’s Office of Student Affairs Mission

The Office of Student Affairs contributes to the overall mission of Concord University by providing personal and intellectual growth opportunities, academic support, and by fostering the skills necessary to become a productive, involved community member for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Concord University’s Office of Student Affairs Goals

  • Create a vibrant campus life that complements teaching and learning.
  • Promote and enhance holistic wellness of the campus community.
  • Foster diversity and civility through an inclusive culture of respect for global citizenship.
  • Provide comprehensive academic support to maximize potential for retention and graduation.
  • Provide outreach to the regional community in support of postsecondary educational opportunities.

Concord University’s Office of Student Affairs Values

  • Respect and embrace diversity
  • Academic and personal integrity
  • Kindness, civility, and fairness
  • Accountability
  • Wellness
  • Personal and academic growth
  • Volunteerism and service (civic responsibility)