Courses for High School Students

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About College Courses for High School Students

Concord is here to help you start your journey towards a degree before you earn your high school diploma! Many college students ease their transition to college and achieve their educational goals quicker by taking advantage of college-level courses at a reduced tuition rate while in high school.
Concord University’s classes for high school students are rigorously designed to support student success. All courses are taught by skilled college professors or well-qualified teachers in designated high schools. Courses are offered online, in-person, or during the regular school day at participating locations.
Regardless of how a course is taken, high school students have access to tailored, one-on-one support services, including advising, tutoring, & career exploration, at no additional cost.

Who is eligible?

To enroll, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a West Virginia resident
  • Be a junior or senior in a West Virginia high school
  • Have a 3.0 minimum overall high school GPA
  • Written recommendation letter from their high school principal or guidance counselor
  • Submit an application and required documentation for enrollment

How much do classes cost?

All classes are offered at $25 per credit hour, or $75 per 3-credit course. Most courses are 3-credit hours. The Provost’s office works directly with students to ensure that any required books and supplies are low or no-cost.

What types of courses are available?

Check out the options below to see which types of courses work best for you:

Dual credit allows you to earn both college and high school credit for a course, and is currently available at select high schools throughout West Virginia. Some high schools may require minimum standardized test scores or other qualifications from students prior to enrollment in dual credit courses. To see if your high school offers dual credit, please contact your guidance counselor.

You enroll in either 100% online or in-person courses. These courses are taught by Concord faculty, and you receive college credit upon completing the course. Some high schools may also allow these courses to count for high school credit. Please check with your high school counselor for confirmation to which classes would satisfy high school requirements.

If you are interested in taking an early enrollment course, please reach out to Robin Farley to see about availability. In many cases, we are able to accommodate students’ academic interests in current or future terms.

Testimonials & Tips

Dara Ladner

James Monroe High School – Lindside, WV

Dara Ladner wearing her cap, gown, and Concord tshirt

Dara had plans to go to college after high school, so she prepared herself the best could before graduation. Her sophomore year, she took her first dual enrollment class – English 101.

“This seemed like the best decision since it counted towards both my high school and college credits, both of which I would need in the future. My thought was ‘why not kill two birds with one stone’, so that’s what I did”.

After seeing how well her first dual enrollment class went, Dara took all of the courses she could possibly take, mindful of how her performance in high school could benefit her future. “I was always an A/B student, but I had a mindset that the college classes counted towards my college GPA (that was hard to get used to in high school), so I strived to do the absolute best I could!”

By the time Dara graduated high school, she entered college with only three general studies courses left to take. This led her to graduate college a year early, making her a firm believer in dual enrollment courses.

Mrs. Katherine Bowe

Instructor of Mathematics at Concord University – Athens, WV

Mrs. Katherine Bowe

Mrs. Katherine Bowe is an Instructor in Mathematics at Concord University; she started teaching here in 2014, and became a full-time faculty member in 2018. She is currently doing research and development on Open Educational Resources to help ensure all of her students have free and permanent access to educational resources. She is also interested in online learning design to help facilitate learning in an online environment.

Mrs. Bowe regularly teaches the Quantitative Reasoning, College Algebra, and Elementary Statistics dual credit courses. When asked about her advice to high school students seeking out Dual Enrollment, Mrs. Bowe said

“I always recommend high school students remember to check their Concord email address. This is generally the only way I have to communicate with students, so it’s important to check it and not rely on their email connected with their high school.”

Communication is key for success in early enrollment courses!