Study Abroad

Concord University students have many opportunities to travel and study internationally. Although the University does not operate any formal, internally administered study abroad programs, Concord students may take advantage of international trips and study opportunities coordinated by University faculty, staff, and outside agencies and organizations. Students may also identify international opportunities independently. Depending on the type and nature of the international experience, students may or may not receive transferrable academic credit and may or may not be able to utilize financial aid to assist in the funding of international experiences.

Students wishing to participate in an international travel or study opportunity should follow the steps below prior to making travel or other arrangements.

  1. Meet with Program Advisor to prepare a budget with all study abroad expenses: cost of tuition and fees, housing and meals, airfare, passport, etc.
  2.  Complete a Transient Form with the Registrar’s Office.
  3.  Provide the Office of Financial Aid with the costs of the trip, a copy of the Transient Form, and the name and fax number of the school being attended (host school).

After receipt of all documents, the Office of Financial Aid will have the host school complete an International Study Agreement, and, if applicable, adjust the student’s budget and financial aid.