Summer Financial Aid

Application for Summer Financial Aid

WV Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student (HEAPS) Grant Program for Summer


  • You must complete a Summer Promise Application by May 15, 2024
  • More information is available at: Summer PROMISE

Summer Sessions

The Summer 1 and Summer 2 sessions are considered to be one semester by Concord University. Dropping a course from one of your summer sessions may cause your summer financial aid awards to be revised.

Any changes in enrollment status may require a recalculation or return of funds, which may create a balance for you.

Summer Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy

Be informed – it is a good idea to discuss your decision regarding dropping courses/withdrawing with your advisor and with the Financial Aid Office before you drop classes or withdraw completely from the summer sessions.

Concord University does not utilize a freeze date.  This means that enrollment status changes that occur on or after the first day of the period up until the time of withdrawal, can affect the return of funds calculation.

If you drop all of your 1st session classes before it begins, but retain enrollment in 2nd session, your financial aid will be adjusted to reflect the change in enrollment. If you drop all of your 2nd session classes; but you completed 1st session, this is not considered a withdrawal from the University, but your aid may need to be recalculated. New federal rule changes to Return to Title IV went into effect on July 1, 2021 that now require the financial aid office to consider the following exemptions when determining if a student must go through the Return to Title IV calculation. If none are met, the student must go through the Return to Title IV calculation.

  1. The student totally withdrew but completed all requirements for graduation.
  2. The student successfully completed Title IV-eligible coursework in one module or combination of modules that equals 49% or more of the number of countable days in the payment period or period of enrollment.  Successful completion means the student earned a passing grade D or higher.  A module is a course that does not span the entire length of the payment period.  For example, our Summer 1 and Summer 2 terms are considered modules.
  3. The student successfully completed Title IV-eligible coursework equal to or greater than what the school considers to be half-time enrollment for the payment period or period of enrollment.

When the student ceases to be enrolled prior to completing 60% of the semester or financial aid payment period, the Financial Aid Office applies the Federal Return of Title IV funds formula to determine whether any federal and state financial aid must be returned.

If you drop all of your 1st session classes AFTER attending the first day of class, but remain enrolled in the 2nd summer session, we need your written confirmation regarding your enrollment in the 2nd session. You will have 7 calendar days to respond. We will adjust your aid depending on your response. If in your response you confirm that you plan on attending 2nd session, we will adjust your summer budget and aid to reflect your revised enrollment. If we do not hear from you or you state that you will not be attending 2nd session, we will have to complete a withdrawal calculation. Aid is projected for all sessions you were enrolled in, and any changes will result in a budget and aid adjustment prior to completing the withdrawal.

If you drop all courses before the 1st session begins, your aid will be reduced to zero. Click here to officially withdrawal. Failing to show up for class is NOT considered an official withdrawal. In this case, you will be billed for all or a portion of your financial aid.