Classified Staff Council

The Classified Staff Council serves as a resource and an advocate for classified CU employees.  The Staff Council strives to promote and/or improve the general welfare and working conditions of all classified personnel being aware and concerned with the subsequent effect upon Concord University as a whole.  This is accomplished by identifying the needs of our constituents, providing information and advice in response to those needs, and recommending policies and procedures to the administration that benefit employees and assist in fulfilling the mission of Concord University.

Council representatives listen to the employee’s concern and opinions, and respect their suggestions, ideas and comments.  If you need assistance of any kind contact a CSC representative.


Classified Staff Councils were established in state code on March 8, 2003 with House Bill 2224 for the purpose of providing the classified employees at each institution a means to share information and discuss issues affecting them or the efficient and effective operations of their institution with the President of the institution and its Board of Governors.

Shared Governance

The Classified Personnel Association will elect sector representatives of the Staff Council, the representative to the Advisory Council of Classified Employees and the representative to the Concord University Board of Governors in accordance with West Virginia State Code and procedures established by the Staff Council and contained herein. Further, through the Staff Council, the Classified Personnel Association is responsible for maintaining a vehicle for the examination and expression of concerns dealing with the policies and procedures that affect the functioning within the respective classified positions, and to make those concerns known to the President and/or the Board of Governors, and where deemed necessary, members of the WV legislature.  We believe that through inclusive collaboration all parties can advance the mission and achieve the strategic goals of Concord University.

“Classified employee” or “employee” means a regular full-time or regular part-time employee of an organization who: (i) does not meet the duties test for exempt status under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act; and (ii) is not otherwise a nonclassified employee designated pursuant to subdivision (11) of this section:  Provided, That any employee of an organization who was a classified employee as of January 1, 2017, retains that status unless otherwise deemed a nonclassified employee pursuant to the provisions of subparts (A) through (D) of subdivision (11) of this section.

“Nonclassified employee” means, an employee of an organization who meets one or more of the following criteria:

(A) Holds a direct policy-making position at the department or organization level;

(B) Reports directly to the president or chief executive officer of the organization;

(C) Is in a position considered by the president or designee to be critical to the institution pursuant to policies or decisions adopted by the governing board;

(D) Is in an information technology-related position;

(E) Is hired after July 1, 2017, and meets the duties test for exempt status under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act at the time of hire or anytime thereafter; or

(F) Was in a nonclassified position as of January 1, 2017.

Unless otherwise established by action of the institution where employed, a nonclassified employee serves at the will and pleasure of the organization, which authority may be delegated by act of the board.

Mail: Concord University, P.O. Box 1000, Athens, WV 24712


Representative’s Contact Information

Name Sector Contact
Jessica Bailey Chair Email/Phone
Amy Pitzer Board of Governors Email/Phone
Amy Pitzer ACCE Representative Email/Phone
Christi Lamb Secretary of the Board Email/Phone
Christi Lamb Administrative/Managerial Email/Phone
Carly Kestner Administrative/Managerial Email/Phone
Doug Moore Professional Non-Teaching Email/Phone
Natasha Morgan Secretarial/Clerical Email/Phone
Loran Morgan Secretarial/Clerical Email/Phone
Jessica Bailey Physical Plant/Maintenance Email/Phone
Larry Bowles Physical Plant/Maintenance Email/Phone