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Classified Staff Council

The Staff Council shall strive to promote and/or improve the general welfare and working conditions of all classified personnel being aware and concerned with the subsequent effect upon Concord University as a whole.

The Classified Personnel Association conducts plenary meetings that will be called by the chairperson of the Classified Employees Council, hereto referred to as the “staff council.” The Staff Council will serve as the representative voice for all Classified Employees at Concord University. Classified Staff Councils were established in state code on March 8, 2003 with House Bill 2224 for the purpose of providing the classified employees at each institution a means to share information and discuss issues affecting them or the efficient and effective operations of their institution with the President of the institution and its Board of Governors. The Classified Personnel Association will elect sector representatives of the Staff Council, the representative to the Advisory Council of Classified Employees and the representative to the Concord University Board of Governors in accordance with West Virginia State Code and procedures established by the Staff Council and contained herein. Further, through the Staff Council, the Classified Personnel Association is responsible for maintaining a vehicle for the examination and expression of concerns dealing with the policies and procedures that affect the functioning within the respective classified positions, and to make those concerns known to the President and/or the Board of Governors, and where deemed necessary, members of the WV legislature.

For more information read our Constitution/Bylaws.

Classified Staff Scholarship
Constitution / Bylaws

Mail: Concord University, P.O. Box 1000, Athens, WV 24712

Email: staffcouncil@concord.edu

Representative’s Contact Information

Name Sector Contact
Darrick M. Scott Chair Email/Phone
Amy Pitzer Board of Governors Email/Phone
Amy Pitzer ACCE Representative Email/Phone
Christi Lamb Secretary of the Board Email/Phone
Christi Lamb Administrative/Managerial Email/Phone
Carly Kestner Administrative/Managerial Email/Phone
Darrick M. Scott Professional Non-Teaching Email/Phone
Doug Moore Professional Non-Teaching Email/Phone
Natasha Morgan Secretarial/Clerical Email/Phone
Loran Morgan Secretarial/Clerical Email/Phone