Sociology/Criminology Internship Program

Unless a capacity for thinking be accompanied by a capacity for action, a superior mind exists in torture.
~Charles Horton Cooley

The Sociology Program at Concord University offers internship opportunities to eligible sociology majors. The internship program provides students with both observational and hands-on work experiences designed to enhance their academic preparation and ability to perform at a professional level in social service and non-profit organizations after graduation. The internship program requires the student to write sociologically about their experience as they integrate knowledge from their academic experiences with practical information gained in the professional setting. Under the direction of the Sociology Internship Coordinator, students can receive academic credit toward their degree.

Students must be sociology majors who have demonstrated proficiency in their coursework in order to be considered for an internship. Students must have completed at least 12 hours of sociology coursework at the time of application, and must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and a 2.75 GPA in their sociology courses. 

The Sociology Department offers academic credit hours for eligible students. Students can receive up to 12 hours of total credit toward their degree while interning at an approved internship site, however only six hours can be completed in any one semester. The number of credit hours will vary depending on the number of internship hours completed at the site. All internship hours must be completed during the semester for which the student is enrolled in the internship course. SOC 450 can be taken for a maximum of 12 credit hours toward a degree.

Credit Hours Fall/Spring Semester Summer Session
3 9 hours/week – 108 total 20 hours/week – 100 total
6 18 hours/week – 216 total 40 hours/week – 200 total

Students should consider the internship program well in advance of the semester of actual enrollment. Students can use the course listing SOC 450 with the CRN and other course information to register into this course HOWEVER the Internship Program Application and one page statement of purpose MUST be received by the Internship Coordinator no later than the first week of the semester the student is registered in SOC 450.

Application Instructions

For any questions about the internship application process, please contact Internship Coordinator Lori Pace.

1. Register into the SOC 450 at the same time you register for your other courses, or before the first week of the semester. Email Lori Pace for the Resource Manual & Internship paperwork, and to communicate about your goals for the Internship before the semester begins.

2. Complete Internship Program Application form and type a one-page double spaced statement of purpose. Please discuss what you hope to gain from the internship and how it relates to your career goals.

3. Email completed Internship Program Application form and statement of purpose to Lori Pace or return to your Concord University Sociology faculty advisor no later than the first week of the semester.

4. The Internship Program Registration form will be completed and returned to the Internship Coordinator once the student has located an appropriate internship location and supervisor.

6. Students may choose to meter out their time consistently, or use longer shifts to meet the required hours. In either case, a weekly journal will be completed indicating overall hours for the week, duties and responsibilities, and represent impressions of the internship. A sign in form to provide as a “time sheet” will be completed the site supervisor and must be returned with the Employer Evaluation in a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) provided by the student.

Students are expected to meet eligibility requirements for acceptance to the Internship Program.  Students are responsible for finding their own internship site, although Ms. Pace is happy to discuss possible agencies and organizations in the region, and provide the Resource Directory. The process of looking for an internship site should begin before the semester. Once an internship site is secured, the student must submit to the Internship Coordinator a completed Internship Registration Form.

Upon acceptance as an intern, each student must make their own arrangements with their site supervisor regarding fulfillment of internship duties. Since the internship is considered an employment experience, the intern is expected to maintain a professional demeanor throughout the term of the internship. All internship hours must be completed during the semester for which the student is enrolled in the internship course and the sign in time sheet must match dates and hours with the journals submitted by the student. Once the necessary hours are completed at the site, the student is responsible for providing the supervisor with the “Sociology Internship Evaluation Form” (hardcopy or by email) and asking the supervisor to return the completed time sheet with the Evaluation form to Ms. Pace in the envelope with postage the student has addressed and provided.

In addition to the completion of internship hours, course grades will be based on the following:

1. A weekly journal, submitted via email to the Internship Coordinator each week of your internship from beginning date to completion. In each journal entry include your name & student ID #, the site of the internship, the date and hours actually completed within this week, a description of your activities and work accomplishments. Additionally provide your own insights regarding your work, the organization, people with whom you have contact, and the knowledge and experience you are gaining. Your site supervisor will need to sign the Time Sheet log each time you work.

2. A final paper (5-10 pages in length double-spaced) that applies sociological readings as an analytical framework that critically engages your experience and/or the role of your organization in a broader context (social, theoretical, or methodological). You may use MLA or APA style and need to incorporate no less than 3 professional journals or respected texts. This paper is due no later than the last week of classes for the semester you are enrolled and should be emailed to Internship Coordinator Lori Pace. You will be sent a confirmation of receipt. Direct any questions about the paper to Ms. Pace.

3. The Employer Evaluation of Intern form must be completed by the student’s site supervisor, indicating the extent to which the student satisfactorily completed his or her internship duties and obligations. This should be completed as soon after the student’s last date of employment and students should give the form and a self addressed envelope to the supervisor with the address:

Concord University
Attention: Lori Pace
300 University Drive
Beaver, WV 25813