Program Learning Goals

The program goals of the Department of Biology are aligned with the Concord University Mission and University Goals and Learning Outcomes. ​​

The Department of Biology program goals are designed to allow our students to:​​

(1) Obtain broad content knowledge in biology​

a. Understand the flow, exchange, and storage of biological information​

b. Be able to compare and contrast features of living organisms, and demonstrate a knowledge of form and function across taxa​

c. Understand interactions between organisms and their environments in space and time, and their consequences for ecology and evolution​

d. Apply concepts of other STEM fields to the biological sciences​

(2) Acquire the ability to interpret, conduct, and communicate scientific research ​

a. Demonstrate an ability to search and understand the primary literature​

b. Investigate scientific questions with appropriate experimental design​

c. Demonstrate a mastery of laboratory and field techniques​

d. Demonstrate an ability to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data​

​(3) Acquire the ability to communicate scientific information effectively, orally and in writing

(4) Develop the ability to live and work in a diverse world​

a. Students will prepare themselves to enter a health professional school, graduate school, or job in a STEM field after graduation​

b. Demonstrate an understanding of applicable ethical and professional standards​

c. Demonstrate commitment to community service and public health and well-being​

d. Consistent with the liberal arts philosophy, show an understanding of the interrelationship between science and society​