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The Political Science program is designed to stimulate in students a greater awareness and understanding of political institutions, processes, relationships, and their underlying principles. We strive to generate in students the requisite interest and skilled civic participation that are so crucial to the maintenance of a just, responsible and democratic society. In addition, the program is designed to prepare students for graduate study and law school. There are also multiple internship opportunities for these students!

Concord University offers a major and minor in Political Science. We also have a Pi Sigma Alpha national honor society chapter. Our friendly faculty are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our program, degree requirements, information about our courses, and student resources.

  • Students will develop a greater awareness and understanding of political systems, institutions, processes, relationships, and their underlying principles, both within and outside the United States (see also personal, civic, and global competence).
  • Students will develop the demonstrated ability to apply curricular knowledge in professional environments.
  • Students will be able to prepare and present appropriate information in both written and oral formats. This includes participation in simulations and oral and written group projects.
  • Students will develop increased interest and skills in civic participation necessary to a responsive democratic society.
  • Commissioner, WV Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Social Services
  • Campaign Manager, Jim Justice for U.S. Senate
  • Prosecuting Attorney, International Criminal Court, The Hague
  • Research Analyst, International Monetary Fund
  • Attorney, Private Practice and Non-Profit
  • Attorney, U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Division
  • Economic Development Director, Princeton, WV
  • Community Development Associate
  • Communications Coordinator, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Delegate, WV House of Delegates
  • Agent, State Farm Insurance
  • Analyst, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Director, Child Law Services
  • Risk Manager, Credit Suisse

For more political science career information, click here to see what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says about jobs in Political Science, or click here to visit The American Political Science Association website for additional career resources

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