Tom Ford

Ford, Thomas

Title: Professor of Biology

College: College of Science, Mathematics, and Health

Department: Department of Biology

Phone: 304-384-5214

Discipline: Biology

Room: Science 201B

Box: F-87

Ford, Thomas


Tom Ford has been a faculty member in the Biology Department at Concord University since 2005.  Courses taught at Concord include Ecology, Freshwater Ecology, and Ornithology.

His main research interest is the investigation of factors that impact water quality and ecology of streams and rivers in the central Appalachian region.

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Ph. D., Indiana University
B.A., Connecticut College


Research Interests

  1. Stream Ecology (Macroinvertebrates and Fish)
  2. Algae – Production of Biofuels and Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage
  3. Ornithology