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February 16, 2022


ATHENS, W.Va. – The food pantry at Concord University has received a generous contribution from Aramark Corporation. Randy Keaton, director of Concord’s dining services on behalf of Aramark, presented the $10,000 donation to Concord officials on Feb. 10.

Concord’s Academic Success Center established the food pantry in the fall of 2016 after researching college student food insecurity and finding it to be a growing problem on campuses across the country. The purpose of Concord’s food pantry is to assist CU students who may not always have the resources to buy food or other essential items like toiletries.

“We’re grateful to Aramark for providing this much-needed assistance to our students,” stated Dr. Sarah Beasley, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

“A recent survey revealed that almost 1/3 of our students have experienced food insecurity while at CU,” she said. “By helping students meet basic needs it allows them to better focus on their academics instead of worrying about where their next meal might come from. At Concord we’re committed to providing holistic support to our students.”

According to the survey of Concord students, 50 percent had experienced some form of basic needs insecurity during the Fall 2020 semester. Although Concord remains one of the most generous institutions in the state in terms of providing student scholarships and has the lowest loan debt among graduates, students continue to struggle with the costs of college.

The survey indicated that 31 percent had experienced food insecurity in the prior 30 days. The #REALCOLLEGE SURVEY was administered by the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice at Temple University.

“We are so happy to be part of the team to fight food insecurity at Concord University,” Randy Keaton said. “At Aramark, everything we do is rooted in service, and this is an impactful way that we can partner with our community.”

“Aramark has always been a generous supporter of the Concord community,” stated Sarah Turner, Vice President of Advancement. “This donation is just another example of how Aramark is committed to meeting needs on our campus and we are extremely thankful for their continued support.”

Concord’s food pantry is located in the Rahall Technology Center and is currently operated by the Office of Veteran Services.

“This is an amazing donation. The food pantry is a vital resource for so many of our students and it’s fantastic to have such strong support from our friends at Aramark,” Dr. George Williams, Veterans Advocate, said.

A competition among student groups at Homecoming and other student food drives help to fill the pantry’s shelves. Faculty, staff, alumni and community members are also generous contributors to the effort.

Additional food and toiletry items are available in lockers near Subway Sides in the Student Center. Concord’s Bonner Scholars assist in keeping this location stocked.

Concord’s Basic Needs Committee will determine how the current donation from Aramark will be utilized, Dr. Beasley indicated.

Randy Keaton, left, Director of Concord’s dining services on behalf of the Aramark Corporation, presents the $10,000 food pantry donation to Dr. Sarah Beasley, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, center, and Sarah Turner, Vice President of Advancement.

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Aramark Donates $10,000 to CU Food Pantry